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Training with the Strongest Man in Golf

Joe Miller swings a golf club 150mph, hits the ball 225mph, and is the reigning World Long Drive Champion.
VICE Sports

Highly Motivated Deer Enters, Dominates Gold's Gym in South Carolina

A deer entered through a plate-glass window, bounded around for a couple minutes, and left the way it came. What do we do with a story like this?
David Roth

The Rise and Fall of Gerd Bonk, the World Champion of Doping

East German weightlifter Gerd Bonk took the highest documented quantity of anabolic steroids in his quest for a gold medal. He was a victim of the greatest, widest reaching, and most sociopathic scandal in sports history.
Brian Blickenstaff
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An Olympic Weightlifter Is Losing His Home to Climate Change

Weightlifter David Katoatau has won the small Pacific nation of Kiribati some of its only athletic honors. With scientists projecting that his country will soon be underwater, he’s trying to capture the world’s attention about climate change.
Andrew Lewis
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Enormous Man Sets New Deadlift Record with Arnold Schwarzenegger Cheering Him On

A man known as The Beast set a weightlifting record with Arnold Schwarzenegger cheering him on and totally left him hanging on the celebratory high-five.
Sean Newell
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Watch This Crazy Bodybuilder's Crazy Music Video

This is a music video by a man named Big Con and it is a metaphor for life.
Sean Newell
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And Now, Two Guys Arguing Over How Many Days There Are In A Week

This thread of two weightlifters arguing over the days of the week is everything the internet has ever been.
Sean Newell

North Korea Just Dominated the World Weightlifting Championship and No One Knows How

With 12 gold medals, the dictatorial state seems to be the new weightlifting powerhouse, but there's little information on how they got there.
Smriti Sinha