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Washington State Lawmakers Proposes Bill to Permit Guns In Stadiums

The bill's authors clearly feel that guns seem like a good idea in stadiums.
Liam Daniel Pierce
lucha libre

Seattle's Lucha Libre Wrestlers are Fighting for their Sport in the State Legislature

There is only one lucha libre school in Washington state—and its luchadores are lobbying the government to make their sport more accessible.
Josh Cohen

Miami Mascot Picks a Snowball Fight with Opposing Fans in Snowy Sun Bowl

Some tomfoolery from the snow bird.
Liam Daniel Pierce
leadership by giving no fucks

Mike Leach Gives No Fucks, And That's Why Washington State Is Winning

Mike Leach seems to care as little as ever. It's the best explanation for how the Cougars have finally found success again.
Mike Piellucci
college football

Luke Falk, Mike Leach, and College Football's Ongoing Concussion Conundrum

Washington State's thrilling win over UCLA also highlighted college football's myriad problems with brain trauma.
Michael Weinreb
college football weekend watch party

College Football Weekend Watch Party: Stanford-Oregon, Or Fun Vs. Your Dad

Faux-underdog, play-the-Right-Way Stanford against fast-and-loose Oregon highlights this weekend's most entertaining college football games.
Kevin Trahan
college football weekend watch party

College Football Weekend Watch Party: A Clash of Styles in Stanford-Washington State

A potential upset when Luke Falk and Washington State host No. 8 Stanford is your best bet in college football's second straight weak of meh offerings.
Kevin Trahan

Stanford, Washington State And The Battle For The Pac-12's Deeply Weird Soul

Old school Stanford versus freewheeling Washington State is a quintessential matchup for the nation's most experimental major football conference.
Michael Weinreb

The Olympic Games Must Be Held in Vancouver, Washington

Boston did not want the 2024 Summer Olympics. But there is an American city—a smallish and wildly under-equipped city—that's more than ready for the challenge.
Corbin Smith