The Blurred Line Between Real Violence and Wrestling Violence

Becky Lynch was knocked out of her 'Survivor Series' match by a wayward punch to the face that left her concussed earlier in the week, but she still thrilled the crowd.
Ian Williams
12 hours ago
VWOS Season One

Soccer's Most Violent Rivalry: VWOS

In Serbia one violent game has endured communism and civil war: The Eternal Derby.
VICE Sports

Steelers' Mike Mitchell Calls Out Goodell, NFL Hypocrisy on Player Safety

In a (very convincing) rant, Mitchell advocates for more clarity and consistency when it comes to punishing violent hits. And to cut out this double standard bullshit.
Liam Daniel Pierce
bad ideas

Arkansas Law Will Allow Guns on College Campuses, Including Stadiums and Arenas

Arkansas tackled the classic conundrum of how to make it easier to maim and kill one another at sporting events.
Sean Newell
maurice watson

Former Creighton Standout Maurice Watson Charged with Rape

He forced a woman to give him oral sex, and then forced her to have vaginal sex.
Sean Newell
weak in review

How To Watch A Bad Football Game: David Roth's Weak In Review

The NFL is entering the good part of what has mostly been a pretty flat and un-fun season. That doesn't mean that Wild Card weekend will be great. But it's a start.
David Roth
brent musburger

Brent Musburger Doesn't Get Why You Might Not Want to Praise Joe Mixon

Brent Musburger said we should hope the Joe Mixon makes it to the NFL after punching a woman in the face.
Joseph Flynn
brook lopez

Brook Lopez Dunking on His Brother Robin is Ancient Violence

It's a tale of violence as old as time itself.
Corbin Smith
Dallas Cowboys

Stepson Stabs Stepmother to Death for Gloating About Cowboys Win

He thought she was disrespecting his father. So he stabbed her.
Mike Vorkunov
Brock Turner

Judge in Brock Turner Sexual Assault Case Cleared of Misconduct After Weak Sentencing

A California commission found that Judge Aaron Persky acted reasonably in giving ex-Stanford swimmer Brock Turner a weak sentence for sexual assault.
Dave Brown
joe mixon

Video Released of Joe Mixon Punching Woman in the Face

Joe Mixon had his attorney release the graphic video of him punching a woman in a local sub shop.
Sean Newell

Rugby Player Banned for Three Years for Vicious, "Deliberate" Hit on Referee

Bruno Andres Doglioli tackled referee Maria Beatrice Welcome from behind, snapping her head back.
Mike Vorkunov