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Obama Honors, Roasts Jordan, Scully and Kareem at Medal of Freedom Ceremony

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordon, and Vin Scully received awards in what seems likely to be the last tolerable Medal of Freedom ceremony for the next few years.
Corbin Smith
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​Vin Scully, Michael Jordan, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

President Obama is going to meet a whole bunch of sports stars when he presents his last Presidential Medals of Freedom.
Dave Brown

Revisiting 'For Love of the Game,' Which Is as Dull as Baseball But Has More Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner made a lot of sports movies, and some are good. 'For Love of the Game' gets baseball's glacial pace and self-seriousness right, but not much else.
Tom Keiser

Vin Scully's Final Sign-Off Was Simply... Oh Man, Sorry—It's Raining on My Face Right Now

It's like a meteorological anomaly or something. But I'm also cutting onions too? Ah, fuck it, just watch the man say goodbye, and you'll understand.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Concession Prices for Vin Scully's First Broadcast Game Were Insane

You could get beechnut gum, ham and cheese sandwiches and cigars for a grand total of 75 cents. Think about the aftertaste.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Vin Scully's Goodbye to Dodger Stadium is Just... Sorry, I've Got Something Caught in My Eye

There's just, like, a wind coming through the window right now, and I have allergies. And my face is wet because I'm sweating.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Vin Scully Once Voiced Over a Ludicrous 1960s Sitcom Named 'Occasional Wife'

From 1966-67 Dodgers Hall of Fame announcer Vin Scully was the voice of 'Occasional Wife', a sitcom about a Manhattan businessman who pretended to be married to a hat check girl.
Patrick Sauer

Vin Scully Calls Perhaps his Final Madison Bumgarner-Yasiel Puig Fracas [ VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE]

Madison Bumgarner and Yasiel Puig renewed pleasantries last night after Puig had the audacity to look at Bumgarner.
Joseph Flynn

With a Little Help from His Friends: The Story Behind Baseball Announcer Vin Scully's Stories

Where does Dodgers announcer Vin Scully find all his great stories? It starts with preparation—and with the help of two longtime partners in the booth.
Eric Nusbaum

How Radio Changed Baseball Fandom Forever

From Vin Scully to MLB At Bat, the rise of commercial radio continues to influence the way fans experience baseball today.
Mabel Rosenheck

Undeniable Orioles And Supernova Vincent Velasquez: This Particular Week In Baseball

The early standings might mean something, but probably don't, the Orioles are hitting dingers, the Braves are still bad, and the Phillies might have stolen an ace.
Matthew Kory

VICE Sports Q&A: Vin Scully

Vin Scully is entering his 67th and final year with the Dodgers. He reflects on his career, talks shop, and even contemplates what retirement will be like.
Larry Burnett