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Michael Porter Jr. Is College Basketball's Next Superstar—And He Knows It

Michael Porter Jr., the MVP of the McDonalds All American Game, is headed to the University of Missouri next season.
John Wilmes

Former University of Missouri Tutor Alleges Major Academic Fraud

More trouble for the University of Missouri.
Dave Brown
college football

Mizzou's QB Executes Sick Power Move By Drinking Water Bottle Thrown At Him

Hard to tell who's thirstier here: the fan hucking a water bottle at Drew Lock, or Drew Lock himself.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Black Lives Matter

The Agitator: Harry Edwards on the Revolt of Today’s Black Athlete

In the 1960s, Edwards helped lead a generation of black athletes who wanted to take action for the cause of racial equality. His knowledge, perspective, and experience are still in high demand.
Saqib Rahim
year in review

The Year Missouri's Football Team Put America On Notice

By threatening to boycott actual games, the University of Missouri football team helped oust school president Tim Wolfe. Did America miss the bigger point?
Aaron Reiss
weak in review

David Roth's Weak In Review: Sticking To Sports

For everything we can get from sports, probably the worst is an excuse to complain about whatever we were going to complain about anyway. This was a big week for that.
David Roth
university of missouri

University of Missouri Football Players Broke the Power Structure

Athletes, college or professional, have power to enact changes. The University of Missouri football players showed that more should use it.
Domonique Foxworth
sexual assault

Missouri Football's Rape Culture 'And So On And So Forth'

The University of Missouri Athletic Department continues to trivialize sexual assault in favor of winning games.
Jessica Luther