University of Michigan

Title IX

Letter of the Law: How University of Michigan Women Got Their Varsity Jackets (a Few Decades Late)

In the mid-70s, when Michigan established varsity women’s teams, the men then in charge of athletics pitched a fit over the idea that women should earn the same awards as male athletes. Sheryl Szady, for one, refused to accept the slight.
Alisa Solomon
mental health

The Mindful Athlete: Can Preventative Mental Health Improve Performance, Too?

A meditation room could one day be as much a part of an athletic program as the weight room, film study, and the training table.
B. David Zarley
mental health

Athletes Connected: Inside the University of Michigan's New Approach to Mental Health for Athletes

Student-athletes are less likely to seek help for mental health issues than their peers. The University of Michigan's Athletes Connected program is out to change that.
B. David Zarley

VICE Sports Q&A: Chris Webber on Broadcasting, Amateurism, and That Timeout

Chris Webber tells us how he has successfully transitioned from being a star NBA player into the thinking fan's announcer. And, yes, he does talk about that famous timeout against North Carolina, too.
Patrick Sauer
dead things

One Man's Heroic Quest to Recreate Storied Rivalry Using Dead Chipmunks

Dead chipmunks can play football.
Joseph Swide
dad pants

Creepy Jim Harbaugh on Meeting His Wife and Wearing Dad Pants

Somehow, Jim Harbaugh's coaching mindset has proven successful in both his love life and fashion choices.
Karisa Maxwell