Alejandro Bedoya Won't Stick to Sports

Alejandro Bedoya is back in the US playing for the Philadelphia Union of MLS and he's bringing his opinions with him.
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troll so hard

Who Impersonates A NBA Reporter On Twitter Before The Trade Deadline?

The days before the NBA trade deadline are a time of speculation and sources and "sources." It is also the moment when basketball Twitter's weirdest trolls shine.
David Roth

Now That America Is the XFL, What Is Your XFL Name?

Here is a full 22-man XFL roster, plus specialists, culled from the vast and goofy ether of Sports Twitter.
Jim Lohmar
the world of online

On Being Blocked By Donald Trump On Twitter, And Disbelief

It was one thing to be blocked by Donald Trump when he was just another man making fart-noises on Twitter. It feels a little different today. Everything does.
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matt garza birth control takes

Brewers Pitcher Has Thoughts on Birth Control No One Asked For

Matt Garza would like everyone, including 39-year-old award-winning actress Jessica Chastain, to please stop having sex unless it's for baby-making.
Caitlin Kelly
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What Are the Most Egregiously George Lucas-Ass Names in Baseball?

A dumb question about a goofball auteur with a taste for ridiculous names produces some appropriately ridiculous baseball-related answers.
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Mexican F1 Star Dumps Sponsor via Twitter After Trump Row

Sergio Perez tweeted that he will ditch Hawkers as a sponsor after the sunglass brand tweeted that Mexican citizens could use its glasses to cover their 'crying eyes tomorrow when you are building the wall.'
Andrew van Leeuwen,
gunnersaurus for player of the month

Fans to Be Given Twitter Vote on Premier League Manager and Player of the Month

In other words, it’s probably going to be one of Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey and Gunnersaurus from now until May.
UK Sports Staff

The Thirst is Real: Reliever David Aardsma Is Using Twitter To Find a Job

David Aardsma needs a job. And he hopes Twitter will help him find one.
Patrick Sauer

#NastyNate, the Yankees, and What's Not in a Nickname

In the midst of a dreary and dull season, a failed attempt to create a viral nickname for Nate Eovaldi is the least of the New York Yankees' problems. But it's telling.
Steven Goldman
Roger Goodell

NFL Twitter Account Hacked, Announces Roger Goodell's Death

The NFL's Twitter account got hacked, Roger Goodell is not really dead.
Sean Newell
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Jose Canseco Gives Up a Home Run, Off His Head

In 1993, a deep fly ball from Cleveland's Carlos Martinez bounced off Texas Rangers outfielder Jose Canseco's head for a home run. The infamous slugger and steroid posterboy's life was about to get a whole lot weirder.
Michael Weinreb