Late Night Twitter Sessions Are Bad for NBA Shooting Percentages

A new study was released today that says that there's a strong correlation between an NBA player tweeting after 11 PM and having a terrible game the next day.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Bryan Colangelo Out as 76ers President and GM for Twitter Scandal

The investigation could not conclude Colangelo himself was the one tweeting, but did find the "evidence supports the conclusion" that his wife was.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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What's the Fallout From 76ers GM Bryan Colangelo's Burner Twitter Accounts?

The Philadelphia GM may have had as many as five accounts that he used to talk shit about players and coaches, and reveal sensitive information.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa Joined Twitter in the Most Absurd Way

Only New York's Number One could turn joining Twitter into an event.
Sean Newell
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This is the Only Good 280 Character Tweet

The New York Yankees, a franchise steeped in history, have history's greatest tweet.
Sean Newell
kevin durant

Kevin Durant Might Have a Fake Twitter Account for the Haters

A Twitter user asked Durant why he left OKC and he got real blunt and maybe a little too third-persony.
Sean Newell

What Sports Stories Would Have Broken Twitter If It Existed at the Time?

With O.J. Simpson back in the news and all over our Twitter feeds for a parole hearing, we started wondering what other notable sports moments would have blown up on social media.
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Joel Embiid Had a Great Day of Sports (and Twitter)

The Sixers star took to Twitter with his thoughts on Wimbledon and, later, his Home Run Derby balls.
Caitlin Kelly

With Markelle Fultz Trade Official, Sixers Fans Launch "RT Armageddon"

The day of Twitter reckoning, when Sixers fans would retweet everyone who ever doubted The Process, arrived on Monday.
David Roth
enes kanter

Enes Kanter Detained at Airport, Reportedly Facing Deportation

The Turkish-born center has been critical of Turkey's increasingly autocratic president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. If he's deported, it could land him in jail.
David Roth
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Meet @TitanicHoops, The Twitter Account That Marries Buzzer Beaters And Celine Dion

Have you ever wondered if dramatic basketball moments would be elevated by the sweet sounds of a wailing Celine Dion? One hero is dedicated to finding out.
David Roth

Alejandro Bedoya Won't Stick to Sports

Alejandro Bedoya is back in the US playing for the Philadelphia Union of MLS and he's bringing his opinions with him.
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