The Undertaker


WWE Wrestler Kane Likely Won Mayoral Primary Election in Tennessee

The Republican primaries also included the actor who played Slammin' Sammy in the movie "Friday Night Lights."
Liam Daniel Pierce

Not Just Another Bad Guy: Bray Wyatt and WWE's Occult Heel

Bray Wyatt left Sunday's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view as the WWE champion. He's also the latest specimen of a classic breed in pro wrestling: the occult heel.
Ian Williams
lebron james

The Undertaker Showed Up for the Cavaliers Season Opener

LeBron shouted out the Undertaker during the Finals, so now he's back (back!) to return the favor.
Sean Newell
hell in a cell

Shane McMahon Throws Himself Twenty Feet Onto An Empty Table, The Undertaker Pins Him, This is Insane

How are these two old coots still alive?
Liam Daniel Pierce

Backyard Wrestlemania Hype Video is Lit AF

An homage to Wrestlemanias past.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Rod's Not Dead, Or Roddy Piper's Christian Cinema Swan Song

Roddy Piper was one of the great wrestlers of his era, and he had his moments as an actor. "The Masked Saint," his last film, isn't great. But it has its charms.
Tom Keiser
Pro Wrestling

Sting and Taking the Last Bump

On Sunday night, in a WWE pay-per-view, Sting suffered a serious neck injury. What was the 56-year-old wrestler doing out there? Same thing he's always done.
Ian Williams

In Search of My Childhood Wrestling Heroes

For many people, wrestling played a vital role in our childhood years. What's it like to go back, almost 20 years later, in search of your forgotten heroes?
Daniel Dylan Wray
the past is present

WWE, The Prison Of History, And The Problem With Being Bigger Than Life

In professional wrestling, the past is more present than in other sports. This is good, but when it's handled as it was at "Battleground," it feels like a trap.
Ian Williams