The 16 project

The 16 project

Jojuan Collins Carries the Football Hopes of L.A.’s Public Schools

The 16-year-old running back went against the grain and chose his hometown school over the wealthy private schools that have been poaching the city's best talent for years.
Mike Piellucci
16 project

NYC Softball Phenom Christina Crockett Is Living the DREAM

The pride of Harlem's DREAM softball program batted .611 last year and is living proof that sometimes, community is all you need.
Judy Berman
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America's Ping Pong Prodigy

Meet Kanak Jha, the top-ranked U.S. Men's Ping Pong player and the youngest American Olympian to participate in the Rio Games.
VICE Sports
16 project

Marquan Rivers and the Kid Pin Kings

Southern California's Keystone Lanes fosters a community of kids who can flat out roll.
Paul Thompson
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Laeticia Amihere Is the Future of Women's Basketball

The 16-year-old Canadian basketball superstar wants to change what it means to "jump like a girl."
Blake Murphy

Meet the LeBron James of Weightlifting: The 16 Project

Tucked away in a small gym in Beaufort, South Carolina, a young weightlifting phenom trains day in and day out.
VICE Sports
16 project

On Quest to Go Pro, Yaelimi Noh Swaps Class Time for Tee Time

At age 16, Noh just won the American Junior Golf Association Girls Championship and is ranked tenth in the world. The ball usually goes where she wants it to.
Torii MacAdams
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Cole Anthony Wants to Revolutionize Basketball (And Play Zelda)

The son of former NBA player Greg Anthony has limitless talent, uncommon privilege, and an 8 p.m. bedtime. Those are just some of the reasons why he's the best high school point guard in the country.
Michael Pina
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The Youngest Player Starting in MLS: The 16 Project

Alphonso Davies has come a long way in a short time. Born at a refugee camp to parents fleeing civil war in Liberia, he walked onto the pitch in Vancouver 15 years later as the second youngest MLS player ever.
VICE Sports
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Meet the Future of Paralympic Swimming: The 16 Project

Ellie Robinson has set Paralympic records and won gold at Rio—all before turning 16. As a Paralympic athlete, she was born with a form of dwarfism known as cartilage-hair hypoplasia (CHH). Despite the obstacles, Ellie has let little get in her way.
VICE Sports