The New NBA CBA Addresses Wearable Technology, But What Does That Mean?

NBA teams won't be able to use data collected via wearable technology against players in contract negotiations.
Rian Watt

Meet the Play-by-Play "Announcers" Live-Texting NBA Games to Millions of Fans in China

For NBA fans in China who are at work or school when games are being played in the US, mobile phones offer a unique way to "watch" their favorite teams.
Yu Wang

No, a New Blood Test Is Not Going to Help Football Sideline Testing

Calm down, people.
Aaron Gordon

The Cybathlon: Where Paraplegics Walk Again

Engineers are designing exoskeletons and other robotic devices that help paralyzed people, but the real question is who's going to pay for them. Enter an athletic competition unlike any other.
Brian Blickenstaff
Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick Continues Crusade Against Tablets, Technology in General

The New England Patriots coach sounded off on the whimsical nature of technology.
Sean Newell
bionic suit

​We Have the Technology: Paralyzed Athlete Wearing Robotic Exoskeleton Completes Great North Run

Claire Lomas is a pregnant paraplegic woman who just finished walking a half marathon.
Dave Brown

The Pirates Are Betting On Francisco Cervelli, And On Keeping Him Healthy

The Pirates Valued Francisco Cervelli more than any other team because of his flaws. The Pirates also think they can keep him healthy.
R.J. Anderson
sports science

Are the Promises of Concussion Blood Tests Getting Ahead of the Science?

It's not clear blood tests are a solution to the problems with concussion tests, but that isn't stopping companies standing to profit from saying otherwise.
Aaron Gordon
Philadelphia Union

Future Of The Game: The Era Of Wearables

In this episode of FUTURE OF THE GAME, we hit a Philadelphia Union practice to see how they're putting wearables to use in pursuit of an MLS Cup.
VICE Sports

The Revolution Will Be Meticulously Tracked: Welcome to the Statcast Era

The possibilities for Statcast are more constrained by the human imagination than any technological barrier.
Aaron Gordon

Future of the Game: Baseball's Latest Statistical Revolution

FUTURE OF THE GAME is a new series exploring the cutting edge in sports technology, co-produced with our pals at VICE's tech channel Motherboard. In our first episode we meet the architects of MLB Statcast.
VICE Sports
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Night Baseball Has a Hit

There was no better proof of the concept for night baseball than a 1910 game at White Sox Park, but Major League Baseball wouldn't have its first artifically lit game for 25 more years.
Jack Moore