Meet the Flyers Fan Who Got Gritty's Face Tattooed on His Ass

James Kirn, a lifelong Flyers fan, has no regrets after getting a massive tattoo of the Philadelphia mascot on his left butt cheek.
Kyle Cantlon
Sick Tats

Odell Beckham's New Tattoo Features the Iverson-Lue Step Over, Obama, and More

The iconic moment shares canvass space with Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama, Prince, Bob Marley, and Lil Wayne, among others.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Ben Stokes is the Biggest Trash Talker in Cricket

Ben Stokes is no ordinary cricketer; he's tatted in sleeves with a brash personality better suited for a fight promoter than cricket whites, Stokes is the new face of English cricket.
VICE Sports
ned yost

This is a Truly Hideous Tattoo of Royals Manager Ned Yost

Something went seriously wrong for this Kansas City fan's tribute to Ned Yost.
Sean Newell

The Ongoing Education of Wilson Chandler

Wilson Chandler spent 2015 recovering from surgery, developing a social conscience, and changing his eating habits. Now he's playing the best ball of his career.
Louis Keene

Ride Along: JR Smith On Playing With LeBron and Melo

With tattoos up to his neck, a stint in China under his belt, experience playing with two of the very best, and a possible championship on the way, there are many reasons why JR Smith is probably the most high profile bench player in the NBA.
VICE Sports

Who Owns Tattoos?

A recent lawsuit filed against the makers of the NBA2K series asks a question yet to be answered.
Aaron Gordon

Meet the Guy Who Tattooed Jose Bautista's Famous Bat Flip

FY Ink challenged Blue Jays fans to get a tattoo of Jose Bautista's famous bat flip. They found a taker and did it for free. Scoot Mason of FY Ink is also the defacto go-to guy in Toronto for athletes who need ink.
Slava Pastuk

Man Tattoos Tom Brady's Name Inside His Lip

Man goes to Bali, indonesia. Man gets Tom Brady's name tattooed inside his lip. Man proves women are much smarter than men.
Sean Newell