Ryan Lochte Gets Year Suspension After Posting Photo of Unsanctioned IV Use

The gold medal Olympic swimmer, known for doing stupid shit—surprise—did some stupid shit again.
Liam Daniel Pierce
16 project

Meet the Future of Paralympic Swimming: The 16 Project

Ellie Robinson has set Paralympic records and won gold at Rio—all before turning 16. As a Paralympic athlete, she was born with a form of dwarfism known as cartilage-hair hypoplasia (CHH). Despite the obstacles, Ellie has let little get in her way.
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shark weak

Watch Michael Phelps Lose a Race Against a Fake Shark

We all knew that their race wasn't going to happen simultaneously, but really? A simulation?
Liam Daniel Pierce

Brazilian Court Clears Ryan Lochte of All Charges for Rio 2016 Incident

An appellate court concluded that Lochte did not lie to authorities, but rather to NBC, and therefore did not commit a crime of false communication.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Michael Phelps to Race a Great White for Shark Week

It could be even more entertaining than Mayweather vs. McGregor.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Finally, The Olympics Will Let Women Swim 1,500 Meters

For its entire history, the Olympics has treated men and women swimmers differently. The IOC took a big step to fix that today.
Aaron Gordon

Ryan Lochte Says Ban Was Too Harsh, and Other Dumb Stuff

In new comments on the Rio scandal, Lochte said, "Whether you want to call it extortion or we had to give them money to pay for the sign that got knocked down is your call."
Liam Daniel Pierce
college sports

Princeton Swimming and Diving Team Suspended Over "Misogynistic and Racist" Emails

All of Princeton's men's swimming and diving team's 38 members were suspended after an anonymous complaint was made this week.
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Rio 2016

Ryan Lochte Celebrates His Dog's Eighth Birthday For Third Year in a Row

Ryan Lochte is known for having an, um, creative imagination for the facts.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Jimmy Feigen Paid $10,800 to Get His Passport Back and Leave Brazil

It sure sounds like Brazilian authorities tried to scam U.S. swimmer Jimmy Feigen out of money.
Sean Newell
Rio 2016

Ryan Lochte Says He Lied to NBC About Being Robbed Because He Was Still Drunk On Air

It's not like he was making excuses to a fellow frat bro for pissing on his bed—this is the whole country of Brazil.
Liam Daniel Pierce
weak in review

Dreaming In Context With USA Basketball: David Roth's Weak In Review

The U.S. has done a great deal of winning since it started sending dream teams of NBA stars to the Olympics. The fun of the team in Rio isn't the winning, it's the work.
David Roth