Sweden's Refugee Runners

The refugee crisis in Europe is usually discussed in numbers such as: five million Syrians fleeing their country, 162,000 asylum applications to Sweden in 2015, an 82 percent drop one year later when Swedish parliament voted to toughen immigration laws.
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down goes brown

DGB Grab Bag: Olympic Disappointment, Goaltending Debates, and Team Sweden Sings

Olympic hockey is taking a step backward in 2018, and there's no way around it.
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Henrik Stenson Learns how to Wakesurf: Off Day

We spent a day with the Swedish pro-golfer at his U.S. home country club in Orlando, FL while he got a round of golf in before heading off to learn how to wakesurf on Lake Nona.​
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Giroud Just Scored a Goal That's Somehow More Handsome Than Him

Me oh my oh. Has may have topped the scorpion kick goal from earlier this year.
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Tortorella, the Millennials, and a Rising Team Europe: Early World Cup Observations

The following is from an email exchange Sunday night between Dave Lozo and Sean McIndoe, aka Down Goes Brown.
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world cup of hockey

Can Anyone Beat Canada? The Best and Worst of the World Cup Teams

Down Goes Brown previews the World Cup of Hockey, breaking down each of the eight teams in the tournament.
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Gay Rights

Openly Gay Soccer Player Seized in Sweden for Deportation to Liberia, Where Gay Sex is Illegal

Andrew Nagbe now faces the possibility of deportation to his home country on August 23, where it is still illegal to be openly gay.
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USWNT Suffers Most Surprising Loss in Its History—Now What?

The U.S. women's soccer team should take Friday's stunning quarterfinals loss to Sweden as an opportunity to reinvent itself.
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Manchester United

Zlatan Scores Beautiful Taekwondo Goal Just Four Minutes into His Manchester United Debut

Can't wait for the ensuing Mourinho-Zlatan love fests.
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Euro 2016

Missed Opportunities and Abject Failure: Ranking the Worst Teams of Euro 2016

With Euro 2016 complete, we can now look back at who overachieved, who let the side down, and who the hell thought Harry Kane should take corners.
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european championships through the ages

A Potted History of the European Championships: 1960–2016

Each edition of the European Championships has its own historical narrative, and its own distinct identity. Here, we attempt to tie them all together.
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the fart is a lonely hunter

Swedish Footballer Sent Off For Farting Loudly During Lower-League Game

Adam Lindin Ljungkvist was shown a second yellow card for dropping an appalling air biscuit during a match between Pershagen SK and Järna SK's reserve team.
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