nba summer vacation

NBA Summer Vacation Watch: And Now Our Watch Has Ended

We bid a fond farewell to the basketboys of summer.
singles on singles on singles

Watching the Kansas City Royals, Who Take the Long Way Home

The Royals don't play baseball like other teams do. But there's something singularly cool about their singles-on-singles-on-singles approach. Also: it works.
Robert O'Connell

Fishing for Humans Off Newport

No stranger, less seminal moment more perfectly combined Newport's penchants for spectacle, sport, and self-indulgence than the Oelrichs brothers' bet in the summer of 1896..
B. David Zarley
MLB playoffs

How Weird Will Things Get for the Texas Rangers?

It's strange enough that the Texas Rangers overcame an awful start to make the postseason. After stealing Game One from the juggernaut Jays, it's getting stranger.
Matthew Kory
them's the breaks

The Happy, Scary Cubs and the Rough Justice of the Wild Card

There's nothing fair about a system that makes the second- and third-best teams in baseball play a one-game playoff, but the injustice makes it that much more fun.
Robert O'Connell

The New York Mets, and the Last Meaningless Game

After nearly a decade of failure, the Mets ran away with the National League East and earned themselves some meaningless games in October. These felt different.
W.M. Akers
unwinnable debates

There Is No Right Answer to the National League Cy Young Debate

Three pitchers dominated the National League in 2015, each in different ways. But only one of Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke, and Jake Arrieta can win the Cy Young.
Matthew Kory
young people things

The Houston Astros Have Arrived Ahead Of Schedule

The Astros barely broke a sweat three-hitting the Yankees in the American League Wild Card game. And so continues an unbelievable, undeniable dream season.
Howard Megdal
weak in review

David Roth's Weak In Review: Mike Napoli's Lightning In A Bottle And Beard Tincture, And Other October Delights

A frank conversation about the end of the baseball season, the beginning of the postseason, and how Bud Norris' idiocy brings us all together.
David Roth and David Raposa

Racism in Baseball isn't Going Anywhere

Ex-pitcher Dirk Hayhurst explains how pro baseball, from the minor leagues on up, tries to make Latino players conform to white American values.
Dirk Hayhurst

Travis d'Arnaud is the Mets' Not-So-Secret Weapon

Yoenis Cespedes has gotten all the hype for the Mets turnaround, but a healthy Travis d'Arnaud may be their real MVP.
Howard Megdal

Bryce Harper, Jonathan Papelbon, And The Problem With Unwritten Rules

There's nothing all that complicated about Jonathan Papelbon choking out Bryce Harper. But it's no surprise in a game governed by contradictory, unwritten rules.
Dirk Hayhurst