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Eagles Fan Creates Dope 'Star Wars' Hype Video for Nick Foles

The homage to Philadelphia's new stater is titled " Star Wars: The Last QB," and it's not half bad.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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What Are the Most Egregiously George Lucas-Ass Names in Baseball?

A dumb question about a goofball auteur with a taste for ridiculous names produces some appropriately ridiculous baseball-related answers.
David Roth
Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is the Yoda to D'Angelo Russell's Luke

Kobe has some words of wisdom for D'Angelo Russell, courtesy of Yoda.
Sean Newell
Star Wars

A Brief History of Treating Lightsaber Combat As A Real Martial Art

Lightsaber combat academies are a real and (mostly) serious thing. We take a brief look at some of the most popular, prolific, and intriguing schools across the world.
Sarah Kurchak
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Playing Fantasy Football the George Costanza Way, Week 15

"These are the picks you're looking for," as a character in the popular movie "Star Wars" movie franchise once said. Also seriously there are fantasy picks in here.
Jesse Farrar

Who Are The Sports Analogues For Your Favorite "Star Wars" Characters?

A comprehensive, if by no means objective, guide to which people from the world of sports most resemble the characters from the "Star Wars" universe.
David Roth

Jar Jar Binks Is Actually a Sith Lord and Drunken Fist Master

The Star Wars hivemind is coalescing around a strange new controversial theory.
Sascha Matuszak

Donnie Yen Is Not a Jedi Knight

Kung fu meets the Force in the upcoming Star Wars film, 'Rogue One'.
Sascha Matuszak

Mark Duplass Versus Wrigley Field

Mark Duplass makes movies for a living and hasn't pitched in 25 years. Will he choke throwing a first pitch for the Wrigley Field faithful?
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