Nick Young Wants to Legalize Cocaine

The Golden State Warrior was asked about weed legalization in Canada, and decided to up the ante: "Everybody needs to do cocaine."
Liam Daniel Pierce

Horrifying Ski Lift Malfunction in Georgia Throws People from Their Chairs

At least 10 people were injured when a ski lift in the country of Georgia started to run at a high speed in reverse, causing a scary pile-up.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Pole Troll

16-Year-Old Skis to South Pole, Trolls Men Who Told her to Make a Sandwich

Internet trolls told a 16-year-old explorer to get back home and make them a sandwich. So, she skied to the South Pole and left a ham cheese sandwich there for them.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Mountain Rescue

On the Matterhorn, Air Zermatt Can Be the Difference Between Life and Death

The Matterhorn is hugely popular with skiers and climbers, but this beautiful mountain can also be deadly. We spent some time with Air Zermatt, a rescue team dedicated to saving lives on 'the Horn'.
Nathan Copelin

Swiss Air Force Jets Break Cable Cam During Flyover, Wreak Havoc at Ski Championship

Let's just cool our jets with the military celebrations, huh?
Liam Daniel Pierce
action sports

Scaling the "Turquoise Goddess" with Pro Climber Emily Harrington

Earlier this month, Emily Harrington successfully summited Cho Oyu. Her team gave themselves just two weeks door-to-door to summit and ski the "Turquoise Goddess" – and broadcast the entire expedition to the world via social media.
Daryl Mersom
ski mountaineering

Skiing Down Demons in Stairs Gulch

Caroline Gleich, a former skiing model, has worked hard to gain credibility as a pro ski mountaineer. Her biggest challenge, however, was a return to a deadly avalanche chute in Utah.
Megan Michelson

The Thrill Of Defeat, Or An Evening At "Eddie The Eagle"

The new film about Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, legendarily shitty ski-jumper and comic hero of the 1988 Winter Olympics, is not a hit. But it is surprisingly fun.
Tom Keiser
jesper the skiing cat

Jesper the Skiing Cat? Sure, Why the Hell Not.

Skiing is sports.
Sean Newell

Mikaela Shiffrin Wants to Return to Attacking the Mountain

Mikaela Shiffrin's rise as one of skiing's brightest young stars has showed no sign of slowing since her gold-medal performance at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Now she faces the first major setback of her career, a significant injury.
Kevin Fixler
backcountry skiing

Skiing Kyrgyzstan's Vast, Snowy Frontier

Next to China, this former Soviet republic is about as wild, untouched a ski destination as you’ll find.
Kade Krichko
La Familia

Muslim Skiers Speak Out Against Rising Islamophobia

Ahmet and Giray Dadali are two of skiing’s brightest stars. They’re also Muslim, and the past month has left them shaking their heads at the flood of racism.
Mike Rogge