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Shaq's Hideous Feet Get a Makeover

After being roasted about his hazmat feet, Shaq got himself a pedicure.
Sean Newell
Throwback Thursday

The NCAA Basketball Coach Who Confessed After 'Blue Chips,' but Only Told Half the Story

After seeing the 1994 film in which a cheating college basketball coach offers a postgame press conference mea culpa, Coastal Carolina's Russ Bergman called a local sports editor to do the same. But the truth was more complicated.
Aaron Gordon

Shaquille O'Neal: America's Favorite Indiscriminate Pitchman

Shaq and the cartoon General of General Insurance are fast friends in these new commercials for cut-rate coverage.
Tom Keiser

The Lakers Still Think It’s 1996 and It’s Killing the Team

The Lakers are still living in 1996, as their pursuit of Kevin Durant this offseason shows. Unfortunately, they are still years away from getting back to that point.
Derek Wallen

Shaq, the world's biggest Northampton Town fan, has a message for the team

Shaq is, if only in the most literal size-related sense, the world's biggest Northampton Town fan. His team just won England's fourth division, and he is pumped.
Brian Blickenstaff

VICE Sports Q&A: Legendary Lakers Trainer Gary Vitti Reflects on his Career

Gary Vitti, who has been the Lakers' head athletic trainer for 32 years, opens up about Showtime, Kobe, Magic, and a long career in Los Angeles.
Larry Burnett
rookies deconstructed

Rookies Deconstructed: Jahlil Okafor

Jahlil Okafor can already score points with the grace and force of few players in the NBA. The way he does all that calls for some very flattering comparisons.
Ian Levy
reel talk

Reel Talk: The Corbin Smith Review Of Online (Shaq) Highlights

A video-aided journey through the violent and brilliant career of Shaquille O'Neal, extremely large human and highlight-generation legend.
Corbin Smith
peak shaq

Shaq Hits Sports—Again and Again and Again

When Shaquille O'Neal stepped foot on an NBA court in 1993, he became the first professional athlete with his name. Now, twenty-odd years later, a generation of athletes who are named after the basketball star are turning pro themselves.
Peter Axtman
BX Fight Club

Bronx Fight Club (Part 2)

Neighborhood boxing has been going on in The Bronx for decades. Now, two men are taking it to a different level.
VICE Sports

My Night at the Hack-A-DeAndre Intentional Foul Festival in Dallas

Everyone hates the ugly, un-fun, intentional foul-driven Hack-A-Whoever trend in the NBA. But on Wednesday it didn't just work—it felt like a party.
Jonny Auping

Bronx Fight Club (Part 1)

Neighborhood boxing has been going on in The Bronx for decades. Now, two men are taking it to a different level.
VICE Sports