Cubs are Selling Dead Leaves for $200

The dead leaves have been authenticated with holograms.
Sean Newell

Big Ten Commish Gets $20 Million Bonus

Am I crazy or is that a lot of money?
Sean Newell
Tom Brady

Tom Brady Has Magical Pajamas He'd Like to Sell You

There is something called bioceramic print on the pajamas that will help harness far infrared energy. For health, or something.
Mike Vorkunov
conspiracy theories

Tim Tebow (Allegedly) Gets First Fall League Hit

Yet again, we are left wondering whether Tim Tebow actually did the thing people claim he did.
Sean Newell
San Diego Chargers

​San Diego Mayor Endorses Ballot Measure for Chargers' New Stadium Funding

Under the deal the Mayor just endorsed, San Diego would pay $1.15 billion toward the Chargers' new stadium.
Dave Brown
Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Hits Home Run in First Professional At-Bat...OR DID HE??? [Update]

We may never know the answer.
Sean Newell

NFL Announces $100 Million Donation to...Someone to do...Something About Concussions

This all sounds great, as it is intended to.
Sean Newell
charleston southern

Up to 40 Charleston Southern Football Players Could be Suspended for Buying Stuff at the School Bookstore

The NCAA exerts its control in one of the most ridiculous ways possible.
Kevin Trahan
modest proposals

Teachers Should Demand to Use College Football Facilities, Starting with Clemson's $55 Million Monstrosity

Clemson's $55 million football facilities will be great for the players, and the teachers should start demanding free use of it, too.
Ty Schalter
joey bosa

What is Going on With Joey Bosa and the Chargers?

The Chargers have all the hand, and are not going to cede any of it to their holdout rookie.
Sean Newell
chesterfield fc

Soccer Team's Fan Raffle Draws Little Interest, So They Probably Made up a Fake Winner

This is one of the more embarrassing scams you'll read about.
Sean Newell
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Ballad of Ron Weaver, College Football's Greatest Impostor

Just before the 1995 Sugar Bowl, the Texas Longhorns discovered that defensive back "Joel Ron McKelvey" was actually Ron Weaver, a 30-year-old former Division II player.
Michael Weinreb