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The Kiwi twins in Kenya's running Capital: VWOS

The tiny village of Iten, Kenya is home to the fastest runners in the world, more record-holders than anywhere else…and a pair of testy twins from New Zealand.
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Sweden's Refugee Runners

The refugee crisis in Europe is usually discussed in numbers such as: five million Syrians fleeing their country, 162,000 asylum applications to Sweden in 2015, an 82 percent drop one year later when Swedish parliament voted to toughen immigration laws.
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Photographing the Kenyan Valley That Produces the World's Best Runners

The Great Rift Valley in Kenya is home to some of the most talented runners in the world. VICE Sports traveled to the country's highlands to photograph them and document their daily lives.
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Rewatching "Personal Best," an Almost-Great Olympic Decathlon Romance

In "Personal Best," the legendary writer Robert Towne set out to make an honest lesbian romance and a movie about training for the Olympics. He sort of succeeded.
Tom Keiser
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VICE World of Sports Episode Guide: Jake and Zane

Twins Jake and Zane Robertson from New Zealand have spent the past 10 years in Iten, Kenya, living and training among the best marathon runners in the world.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Running to the New York Marathon from Chicago

Alex Ramsey and Patrick Sweeney started running at the Chicago Marathon on October 11, and they aren't really stopping until the finish line of the New York Marathon.
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What to Expect When You're Expecting While Training for the Olympics

For American runner Sarah Brown, the next year was supposed to be focused on training and qualifying for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Then she found out she was pregnant.
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Running Makes People Insane and This Forum Thread Proves It

Not all runners are sociopaths, but these ones are.
Aaron Gordon