Rugby Player Snips the Bird, Amputates Middle Finger For the Love of the Game

Angus Crichton's middle finger was fused before, making it look like he was flipping everyone off all the time. He decided it was time for it to go.
Liam Daniel Pierce
sporting history

Tracing ​American Football's Rugby Roots

If there is one thing that American football and rugby fans both hate, it's when comparisons are drawn between the two sports. Nevertheless, these games are cut from the same cloth and still hold many similarities in the 21st century.
Ben Halls

Rugby Player Banned for Three Years for Vicious, "Deliberate" Hit on Referee

Bruno Andres Doglioli tackled referee Maria Beatrice Welcome from behind, snapping her head back.
Mike Vorkunov

Enormous Nine-Year-Old Rugby Player Bulldozes Everything in His Path

Just run the other way if you see this kid bearing down on you.
Joseph Flynn

Rugby, Which Kicks Ass, is Back in the Olympics and On TV, Which Also Kicks Ass

It's not 1984 anymore so you can watch Olympic rugby on TV.
Patrick Sauer
gender-coded physiques

Why Are Female Athletes Criticised For Developing a "Masculine" Physique?

In becoming strong and muscular through sport, women prove that anatomy is not destiny, and that gender is not a determinant of ability or power. But society doesn't always see that as a good thing.
Emilia Bona

Welsh Beach Touch Rugby Match Turns Into a Brawl

This has been the summer of Wales. Why not celebrate it with a brawl during a beach touch rugby match?
Joseph Flynn

Passing-By Rugby League Personal Trainer Casually Pops Player's Dislocated Shoulder Back Into Place

It's hard to know how many shoulders this gentleman has relocated in his day, but good goddamn is that impressively quick.
Liam Daniel Pierce
examining brain health in contact sport

Former England Internationals to Participate in RFU Concussion Study

Around 200 players over the age of 50 will take part, with the aim of better understanding the long-term effects of playing rugby on brain health.
Will Magee
Open Letters

Get a Load of This Asshole Coach's Open Letter to Recruits She Doesn't Want

This open letter is nuts.
Sean Newell

“An Insult to Our Country”: AC Milan and Nivea Mock the Haka

Before a match last week, a dozen or so actors in Milan uniforms successfully pissed off a lot of Maoris. We talked to some of them about what happened.
Jack Barlow
Rio Olympics

After a 92-Year Hiatus, Rugby Returns to the Olympics

For the first time in nearly a century, the Summer Games will feature rugby—and in a fast-paced, fan-friendly seven-player format that has the tiny nation of Fiji aiming for its first-ever gold medal.
Nick Kariuki