comeback stories

Extra Innings: How an Aussie Ex-Concreter Joined Baseball's Best Bullpen

Now a Royals relief pitcher, Aussie Peter Moylan was once a pharmaceutical rep who had given up on his MLB dream
Ben Stanley
pitching trends

The Dawn of the Super Bullpen Era and the Pitching Trend That Wasn't

Last year, the Royals and Mets weren't just playing for the World Series. They were also playing to determine the league's new prevailing pitching strategy.
R.J. Anderson

Recovering Ballplayer Vol. 3: The Wade Davis Experience

The dominance of Wade Davis brings up existential questions about the nature of MLB pitching staffs.
Fernando Perez
tall tales

The Mythical Kansas City Royals

The World Series Champion Royals love the late innings, the deep night.
Robert O'Connell
the big snack

Subway Busker Plays "Meet the Mets" On Fiddle, Is Very Charming

The sunniest part of Manhattan is in the tunnel between the 7 train and Grand Central, where "Meet The Mets" is played as it was always meant to be heard.
Liam Daniel Pierce
long winding journeys

The ALCS' Familiar, Unusual Suspects

The road to the World Series will be paved by high-profile redemption cases
Mike Piellucci
friendship for everyone

Do Baseball Players Even Know What "Chemistry" Means?

Chemistry is important in baseball. A lot of other things are, too. So why is everyone talking so loudly about the sanctity of the clubhouse in particular?
Mike Piellucci

The Royals and Tigers, a Midwest Masterpiece In the Making

No one is sure how much longer the Royals and Tigers have left as contenders, but the two teams are making the here and now into fertile rivalry ground.
Robert O'Connell

A Modest Proposal for Killing the MLB Playoffs, or Not

The MLB playoffs would be fairer with a less level playing field. Also, stop caring so much.
Neil deMause
nfl preview 2014

The NFL Previewed in Song, Part IV: The AFC West

The Denver Broncos are Sam Cooke, and the Chargers are a farmer playing a trombone in a field.
VICE Sports
derek jeter

Royals Fans Honor Derek Jeter With "Classy Cat" Sign and Accompanying Cat Singlets, Obviously

Not exactly an ideal look, but pretty damn bold.
Tim Ryan