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Ric Flair Enters His Own Wedding to "Ric Flair Drip"

The former WWE wrestler had a commitment ceremony and did it in the only way he knows how: with a shitload of flair.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Ric Flair Spent Ten Days on Life Support After Drinking 20 Drinks a Day

"Ten days on life support, it'll wake you up, man," Flair said.​
Liam Daniel Pierce

Kazuchika Okada Is the Best Wrestler in the World

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Okada has an intangible quality that recalls what made Ric Flair so good in his prime.
Ian Williams

What to Make of John Cena, WWE's 16-Time World Champion

After 2017's Royal Rumble, John Cena is now 16-time world champion, equaling Ric Flair's record—which is all but unthinkable for anyone who ever watched Flair. So it's worth considering the two men and the record.
Ian Williams

Barry Windham and the Disappearing Cowboy Wrestler

Wrestling has always leaned on archetypes, but the country-strong badass that Barry Windham embodied in the 1980s and 90s has mostly vanished. It's a shame.
Ian Williams

Conor McGregor's Mouth, Vince McMahon's Thirst, And The WWE/MMA Flirtation

When Conor McGregor made the decision to trash-talk WWE's entire roster, it seemed to telegraph yet another crossover between two sports that need each other.
Ian Williams
Pro Wrestling

The Hard Times Companion: A Guide to the Best Streamable NWA Episodes

WWE has put some classic shows from NWA's Reagan-era peak on the internet, and they are awesome. Here are ten goofy, great, Ric Flair-injected, must-watches.
Ian Williams
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Why Is WWE Bringing Up Ric Flair's Dead Son?

On Raw this week, Reid Flair—the late brother of women's champ Charlotte, and son of WWE legend Ric—became a plot point. It's tasteless and cruel, and left fans wondering: Why?
Ian Williams
desperate times and desperate measures

Some Notes On A Very Bad, Very Strange Monday Night Raw

At three overblown hours, WWE's "Monday Night Raw" is almost always a heavy lift. But Monday's overstuffed, cameo-crammed installment was bad in a new ay.
Ian Williams
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NFL Dos and Don'ts: Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts had one of the greatest performances of the 2014 season, and also one of the saddest.
Sean Newell
NBA Finals

Ric Flair and Segway-Riding J.R. Smith Highlight Game 4 Pre-Game Festivities

Ric Flair videobombed the NBA TV pre-game show and J.R. Smith arrived via hands-free Segway. Should be an interesting game.
Sean Newell
nut shots

Marcus Smart Clobbers Matt Bonner in the Balls

Marcus Smart was ejected for a wrestling-style low blow on Matt Bonner. Dude really wound up and let it fly.
Sean Newell