Michael Porter, Jr. Wants to Win an NBA Title Now

In an interview with VICE Sports, Denver's rookie discusses his return to action, who he most looks forward to playing against, why the Nuggets should already have their eyes on a championship, and more.
Michael Pina
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Stu Jackson Thinks Harry Giles Will Be the Best Player from the 2017 Draft

The former NBA executive and current NBA TV analyst talks to VICE Sports about the biggest names and potential sleepers heading into this year's draft.
Michael Pina
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Harrison Barnes on Free Agency, the Olympics, and Playing with the Mavs

In this VICE Sports Q&A, Dallas Mavericks' Harrison Barnes talks about adjusting to his new team and what it's like to be around Dirk Nowitzki all the time.
​Jared Dubin

Lacrosse Star Lyle Thompson Talks to Us About #NODAPL and His Trip to Standing Rock

In late November, Lyle Thompson, the most prolific scorer in the history of lacrosse and an Onondaga native, traveled to the Oceti Sakowin protest camp at Standing Rock to raise awareness and play his medicine game.
Matt White
Donald Trump

Malcolm Jenkins Talks To Us About His Visit with Lawmakers Regarding Criminal Justice Reform

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins was one of five NFL players who visited Capitol Hill to discuss police brutality and criminal justice reform this week. He tells VICE Sports what he learned and what his next steps are.
Aaron Gordon
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"I Wanted to Take the Mask Off": Harrison Browne on Coming Out as a Transgender Man in the NWHL

On Friday, Buffalo Beauts forward Harrison Browne became the first openly transgender athlete in U.S. team sports. In this VICE Sports Q&A, he talks about his decision to come out, the support he has received, and what comes next.
Kate Cimini

VICE Sports Q&A: Rookie Twins Outfielder Max Kepler Talks Ballet, Berlin, and Baseball

The trilingual German-born son of ballet dancers, Kepler has taken a unique path to the Major Leagues.
Dave Brown

Meet the Former MLB Hopeful Turned Lawyer Fighting to Reform the Minor Leauges

Garrett Broshuis spent six years in the minors. Today he's a leading attorney in two lawsuits against Major League Baseball.
Mike Vorkunov
Rio 2016

The Olympics Then, Now, and Always: A VICE Sports Q&A With Sports Historian David Goldblatt

Rio 2016 doesn't give us much of a reason to believe in the Olympic movement's ideals. Neither does history. So where do we go from here?
Aaron Gordon
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MaliVai Washington on Men's Tennis Today and His Historic Wimbledon Run 20 Years Ago

In 1996, MaliVai Washington was the talk of the tennis world when he became the first African-American man to advance to the Wimbledon final since Arthur Ashe.
Tim Casey
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VICE Sports Q&A: Hannah Storm on Wimbledon and Powerful Women in Sports

ESPN's Hannah Storm talks about covering Wimbledon, Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, and how women are shaping the sports world in new and more powerful ways.
Caitlin Kelly

VICE Sports Q&A: Cameron Burrell on His Gold Medalist Father and His Own Olympic Dreams

With coaching from Olympic gold medalist Leroy Burrell and Carl Lewis, Houston junior Cameron Burrell is on track to make his own mark in the running world.
Sarah Gearhart