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The Improbable Rise of Saquon Barkley

Penn State's star running back came from a no-name high school program and became a Heisman frontrunner and likely top pick. How'd he do it? By never changing.
Tim Casey
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Big Ten Blues: The Weekend in College Football

Ohio State and Penn State just put their conference's playoff chances on life support. Can Wisconsin save them?
Mike Piellucci
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Penn State is Back, USC is Wack: The Weekend in College Football

There's always next year, Michigan.
Mike Piellucci
Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa Unloads on Penn State's James Franklin for Icing Kicker in 56-0 Rout

Francesa called Franklin a "horse's ass" among other things.
Sean Newell

Al Pacino Bears an Uncanny Resemblance to Joe Paterno in Film Shots

Let's just hope HBO made equally accurate decisions with handling his legacy.​
Liam Daniel Pierce
jeffrey sandusky

Jerry Sandusky's Son Arrested on Charge of Child Sexual Assault

He was dating the victim's mother and lived in their house for five years.
Sean Newell
2017 season preview

Outsiders vs. Traditional Powers: Previewing the 2017 College Football Season

If 2016 was the Year of the Outsider, 2017 will be the Year of the Traditional Power.
Kevin Trahan
Rose Bowl

Last Night's Penn State-USC Rose Bowl Rivals the 2006 UT-USC Rose Bowl

Penn State scored three touchdowns on three plays to start the second half and still lost.
Kevin Trahan
trace mcsorley

Something Called "Trace McSorley" Threw an Incredible TD for Penn State in the Rose Bowl [UPDATE]

Trace McSorley had a rough start to the game, but this touchdown was perfect.
Sean Newell
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Nice Man Gets Emotional After Wife Gives Him Lifelong-Dream Rose Bowl Tickets

Sports certainly made this man's life better. And for that we should be grateful.
Liam Daniel Pierce
college football

James Franklin's Outstanding Hires Make Him a Big-Time College Football Coach

Without a coach like Moorhead, Franklin would be in trouble.
Kevin Trahan
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How the Final Week of the Season Will Impact the College Football Playoff

The new College Football Playoff rankings are out and we try to cut through the final week of the season to see how the Playoff will shake out.
Kevin Trahan