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Celtic Soccer Fans Have Shown Two Very Different Sorts Of ‘Solidarity’ With Palestine

On the one hand, the display of Palestinian flags at Celtic Park has done little quantifiable good. Thankfully, the same cannot be said of the fundraising effort that has followed.
Will Magee

Israeli Man Says He Used Nunchucks to Thwart Palestinian Attacker

This past Monday, Yair Ben-Shabat happened to be toting nunchucks when an attack happened on a bus driving near the Chords Bridge in Jerusalem.
Jeff Harder

Tokyo Sexwale Is A Real Person, Will Lead The FIFA Monitoring Committee on Palestine

Unfortunately, it's not pronounced how it looks.
Aaron Gordon

Confusion Follows After Palestine Drops Motion to Suspend Israel

Palestinian Football Association President Jibril Rajoub drops the vote at the last minute, debate over whether to shake hands ensues.
Aaron Gordon & Raphael Gellar

What a UEFA Boycott Would Mean for the FIFA Congress and Potential Israel Vote

The FIFA corruption charges could, in a circuitous way, lead to a vote to suspend Israel from the organization.
Aaron Gordon

Israel Detains Palestinian Soccer Player Hours After Promising to Relax Restrictions

The detention and release of Sameh Maraabah comes less than 24 hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to stop impeding the movement of Palestine's soccer teams.
Aaron Gordon & Raphael Gellar

The Israel-Palestine Conflict's New Wrinkle: a FIFA Vote to Suspend Israel

The Palestinian Football Association is asking FIFA to suspend Israel, but Israel argues that Palestine is just playing politics. Either way, a vote is looming.
Aaron Gordon & Raphael Gellar

La Familia, the Hate Group that Influences One of Israel's Top Soccer Teams

Beitar Jerusalem is one of Israel's best soccer teams and their biggest fan group's anti-Muslim and anti-Arab stance is becoming part of the team's identity.
Raphael Gellar

Israel and Palestine Are Taking Their Fight to FIFA

The Israel-Palestine conflict has crossed over into soccer before, but now both sides are taking their grievances to FIFA. This will not go well.
Aaron Gordon
celtic fc

Palestine, the IRA, and a Soccer Team's Solidarity

Scotland's most successful soccer club has a long history of supporting Palestine. The roots of that solidarity go back to the nation's defining struggle.
Raphael Gellar

Soccer Can't Fix Shit in Israel or Anywhere Else

Once upon a time, the Israeli Arab club Bnei Sakhnin was seen as a shining light of cooperation—an example of "soccer diplomacy." But once again, reality has gotten in the way.
Aaron Gordon

Stories From A Skatepark In Palestine

The skateboarding culture of Palestine exists against a backdrop of constant state violence and oppression, but those who keep the culture alive aren't going anywhere.
Ben Bryant