Attorney Suggests Raiders or Patriots Might Sign Colin Kaepernick

According to a cryptic interview with TMZ, Mark Geragos suggested his client could land with two teams, hinting at the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Colin Kaepernick's Nike Deal is Humiliating for the NFL

As the new face of Nike, Colin Kaepernick will be on every field, every Sunday.
Sean Newell

The Nike Hijab is Either a Milestone or a Setback for Muslim Women

The Nike Pro Hijab landed at Macy's earlier this month. Depending upon who’s doing the viewing, it is a symbol of empowerment, or of oppression. Or both.
John Florio
Ouisie Shapiro

Michael B. Jordan: Grounded

Actor Michael B. Jordan shares his story, from hoop dreams in Newark to the Hollywood limelight, in the short film, "Grounded.”
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football kits

Why Are People So Obsessed With New Soccer Kits?

Despite the fact that kit launches are little more than PR stunts and the strips themselves are increasingly generic, the circus which surrounds the arrival of new kits still thrives. Why are we still interested?
Will Magee
train hard and buy the right trainers

Chasing Marginal Gains: Sport's Grey Area Between Innovation and Cheating

Technological innovation in sport occupies an ambiguous middle ground, with advances equally likely to be met by applause as by accusations of cheating. Is it time for governing bodies to step in to preserve their integrity?
Felix Keith
history lessons

​What Happened to Nutmeg Mills? The Forgotten Story of a Sports Apparel Pioneer

In the 1990s, Nutmeg Mills redefined gaudy NBA T-shirts and the broader sports apparel business. Then NAFTA happened.
David Tanklefsky & Nathan Rothstein

Cash-Strapped Track and Field Athletes Still Fighting to Unionize

Professional track athletes like Adam Nelson and Nick Symmonds want to protect athletes' rights during the Olympics.
Mary Pilon
an interview with rory mcilroy

Fame, Golf and Relentless Squats: A Candid Chat With Rory McIlroy

Having met up with McIlroy at a fitness event in London, we chatted to the Northern Irish golf prodigy about success, the spotlight and the searing exposure that comes with it.
Nathan Copelin

VICE Sports World News Roundup: June 10, 2016

Start your day with VICE Sports. Here's our morning roundup of the sports news from around the world.
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VICE Sports World News Roundup: May 18, 2016

Start your day with VICE Sports. Here's our morning roundup of the sports news from around the world.
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Nike Jordan Brand Signs Gennady Golovkin

What GGG landing a major endorsement means for boxing.
Nick Wong