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Ref with Racist History Makes HS Wrestler Cut Dreadlocks Before Match

Referee Alan Maloney told high school wrestler Andrew Johnson to cut off his dreadlocks before a match, but this isn't the first incident Maloney's had with racism.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Watch Vintage Footage of Doris Burke Slaying it in HS Basketball

She went by Doris Sable at the time. And good goddamn did she wreck fools on the court.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Handicapping the Supreme Court Votes on Sports Betting Case

The Supreme Court has decided to hear New Jersey's cases for legalized sports betting. Here's how we think the Justices will wind up ruling.
Steve Silver
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Trump Admin Invites New Jersey to Allow Citizens to Gamble Freely

The Solicitor General urged the Supreme Court to reject New Jersey's sports gambling case, and left open the door for a gambling free-for-all.
Steve Silver
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Chris Christie, Who Is Still Governor of New Jersey: "Phillies Suck"

"They're from Philadelphia, they're an awful team, they're an angry, bitter fanbase," the former Presidential candidate told a panel of, uh, suited men on SNY.
David Roth
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Report: New Jersey High School Coach has Six Players Living in His Condo, Can't Feed Them

A report from New Jersey claims a powerhouse high school basketball program has six foreign transfer students living with the head coach.
Dave Brown
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The Supreme Court Just Asked The Trump Administration To Weigh In On Legal Sports Betting In New Jersey

​New Jersey's long-shot bid to legalize sports betting has reached the Supreme Court, and could be hurt or helped by Trump's pick for Solicitor General.
Steve Silver

MMA Helped Mo Wilkerson Become the Highest Paid DE in the NFL

Mo Wilkerson is still looking for ways to cause headaches for NFL offenses. As if being a Pro Bowler wasn't enough, Mo has now taken up MMA to be quicker with his hands and feet.
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By The Numbers, Rutgers May End Up As The Worst Major Conference Basketball Team Ever

Rutgers is winless in Big Ten play, and they deserve every bit of it. Advanced statistics more accurately capture the Scarlet Knights' historical futility.
Kevin Trahan

UFC Now Targeting November for New York Event

This weekend’s event in New Jersey reminded New Yorkers of their unhappy place in the world.
Josh Rosenblatt
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Monmouth Is For Real, And Not Planning On Going Anywhere

Cinderella teams are nothing new in college basketball, and are why March is so much fun. But Monmouth doesn't want to be Cinderella—they just want to keep winning.
Howard Megdal

Ride Along: Karl-Anthony Towns on Rookie Life and Leaving Home

Before Karl-Anthony Towns left home, we went to Piscataway to talk to the new member of the Minnesota Timberwolves to hear what he thought about playing with KG, the Dominican National Team, and leaving home sweet home.
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