LaVar Ball's Idea for an NCAA-Alternative League is Good

But can he actually pull it off?
Liam Daniel Pierce

Former St. John's Basketball Walk On Charged with Tampa Serial Killings

Howell Emanuel Donaldson III was arrested after giving his McDonald's manager a handgun, asking him to hold on to it.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Beating the Odds

Eagles RB Corey Clement's HS Counselor Bet Her BMW He Wouldn't Make the NFL

Philly's rookie running back made it, defying the long odds to turn pro. And he came to collect.
Liam Daniel Pierce
college football

Big Ten Blues: The Weekend in College Football

Ohio State and Penn State just put their conference's playoff chances on life support. Can Wisconsin save them?
Mike Piellucci
college football

Penn State is Back, USC is Wack: The Weekend in College Football

There's always next year, Michigan.
Mike Piellucci
college football

Oregon Ducks Fans are Tailgating In the Parking Lot of a Youth Jail

The University of Oregon has spent a decade as a college football powerhouse behind huge donations from Nike founder Phil Knight. Their stadium is directly across the street from a juvenile detention center.
Mary Pilon
Rick Pitino

Rick Pitino Was Just the Worst

Farewell (probably) to Pitino, a real scumbag's scumbag.
Corbin Smith

Report: Rick Pitino Expects to be Fired [UPDATES]

The Cardinals program was implicated in a pay-for-play scheme unearthed by a federal investigation into corruption and bribery in college basketball.
Sean Newell

FBI Arrest Four Assistant NCAA Coaches on Corruption, Bribery Charges [Updates]

The coaches come from major programs including USC, Arizona, Auburn, and Oklahoma State, and the charges claim agents and advisors attempted to bribe recruits.
Sean Newell

N.C. Central QB Flipped and Body Slammed on Two-Point Conversion Attempt

It's the kind of wrestling move kids cook up on their trampolines on a boring summer day, but never really execute.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Ole Miss

What Is Going on with This Hugh Freeze Story?

Head football coach Hugh Freeze resigned from Ole Miss without a fight or a severance package after reportedly calling an escort service once.
Sean Newell
college sports

College ADs Are Busy Limiting Athlete Pay as Their Own Salaries Skyrocket

It's almost as if there's a connection between rising revenues, fixed on-field labor costs, and the people running college sports making more money than ever before.
Patrick Hruby