Muhammad Ali


LeBron, Like Ali Before Him, is Greater Than Sports

LeBron is constantly compared to Michael Jordan and already on the same business-savvy path as Magic Johnson. But lately—and hopefully on a permanent basis—he’s starting to feel like Muhammad Ali.
Michael Pina

Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki Gave Us a Preview of Mayweather-McGregor

In 1976, Ali and Inoki fought for 15 excruciatingly boring rounds, after which the crowd chanted for their money back.
Mike Meehall Wood

A History of Racial Epithets In Boxing

From the time of Jack Johnson all the way up to the nineties heyday of British boxing, race has been used to define fighters and ethnicity used to sell fights.
Will Magee

Honey Boy Bratton: The Boxer Who Inspired Miles Davis and Muhammad Ali

Johnny Bratton is often overlooked, but the former welterweight champ had a profound impact on the city of Chicago, and two giant figures in particular—Miles Davis, and Muhammad Ali.
Corey Erdman
Donald Trump

Muhammad Ali's Son Detained at Airport for Hours, Repeatedly Asked About his Religion

Muhammad Ali, Jr. was held for nearly three hours and repeatedly asked about his religion.
Sean Newell

Sorry Snowflakes, Fighting Is Political

It takes a certain amount of privilege to be able to ignore the politics inherent in fight culture.
Sarah Kurchak
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Patterson vs. Ali, the Culture War That Wasn't

The 1965 heavyweight title fight between Floyd Patterson and Muhammad Ali was billed as an intraracial battle between a good guy and a dangerous black radical. Like much in Patterson's life, the truth was disguised.
Brian Blickenstaff

Chance The Rapper Pays Tribute To Muhammad Ali At The ESPYs

A couple of greats celebrated The Greatest.
Sarah Kurchak

The Art of the Champ: Artists Talk About Visually Representing Ali

Muhammad Ali was the inspiration for artists around the world. Several of them talk to us about their pieces.
Patrick Sauer
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Before Ali, There Was Jack Johnson's Unforgivable Blackness

Jack Johnson owned a nightclub, had his own jazz band and was the first African-American heavyweight champ. He was sentenced to prison for his affairs with white women.
Michael Weinreb

The "Draft Dodger": Ali's Fight Against an Unjust War and the Country That Waged It

Even in death—even when history has proven him right—America still fears and struggles with the black Muslim man who stood up for himself and what he believed in.
Sarah Kurchak

The Life and Fights of Muhammad Ali: A Ballet of Stubbornness

Muhammad Ali's career was built around an unrelenting refusal to give in and a desire to win on his own terms. We examine how this stubborn streak helped Ali as a goofy young boxer and as an aging ring general.
Jack Slack