Rewatching "Draft Day," The Only Place The Browns Enjoy A Hollywood Ending

Kevin Costner's NFL front office opus "Draft Day" is alternately weird, discordant, and improbable—but then again, the real-life Cleveland Browns finally getting their shit together would be the same.
Tom Keiser

'The Jesse Ventura Story,' the Perfect Election Movie for Our Times

The Jesse Ventura Story should not be the first place to turn to if you're looking to learn the story of Minnesota's 38th Governor. After some 17 years between viewings, it is even crazier than I remembered.
Tom Keiser

Revisiting 'For Love of the Game,' Which Is as Dull as Baseball But Has More Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner made a lot of sports movies, and some are good. 'For Love of the Game' gets baseball's glacial pace and self-seriousness right, but not much else.
Tom Keiser

VICE Sports Q&A: Snowboarding Legend Travis Rice Talks About His New Movie 'The Fourth Phase'

Travis Rice, who's been called the Paul Revere of big mountain freestyle, discusses how he's actually more like Thomas Edison, among other things.
Jeff Pearlman

The Rise and Fall of the Hollywood Shorties

In the 1980s, a team of Hollywood actors who happened to be little people rose to prominence as a touring basketball team. Now they are all but forgotten.
Daniel Dylan Wray

Revisiting "Paper Lion," the Greatest Movie Ever Made About NFL Preseason

In 1963, George Plimpton went to training camp with the Detroit Lions and wrote a book about it. In 1967, with Alan Alda subbed for Plimpton, it became a movie.
Tom Keiser

Sixteen Years Later, 'Love & Basketball' Is Still Important

We talked to Gina Prince-Bythewood, the writer and director of 'Love & Basketball,' about her movie's impact, women in sports movies, and seeing the WNBA in its 20th season.
Lyndsey D'Arcangelo

The Boxing Movie Is Making a Comeback

A rundown of the high-caliber biopics hitting cinemas in the next year, starring Robert De Niro, Aaron Eckhart, and Ray Winstone.
Christina Newland

Twenty Years Later, "Happy Gilmore" Is Still Shooting Right Around Par

Twenty years ago, Adam Sandler was not yet a star, let alone an emblem of fame-burnout. In "Happy Gilmore," he did his thing, squared off with Bob Barker, and won.
Tom Keiser

Howl of the Manwolf: The Lost Skateboarding Classic "Machotaildrop" Stays Lost

In 2009, Corey Adams made a skateboarding movie unlike any other. For one thing, it was good. For another, it took place in a castle. And then it disappeared.
David Colon

Revisiting "Big Wednesday," a Movie About Vietnam, Surfing, and Gary Busey

John Milius wrote "Apocalypse Now," directed "Red Dawn," and was the inspiration for "The Big Lebowski"'s Walter Sobchak. His deeply personal surfing-and-war movie is appropriately weird.
Tom Keiser

Revisiting "Celtic Pride," Judd Apatow's Extremely '90s NBA Playoffs/Kidnapping Comedy

Twenty years ago, a pre-genius Judd Apatow wrote a dark comedy in which superfans Daniel Stern and Dan Aykroyd kidnap Utah Jazz star Damon Wayans. It has...aged.
Tom Keiser