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Let's Watch This Ridiculous Double Play and Ponder Our Place in the Universe Together

A butterfly flaps its wings in Mongolia and a baseball bounces off an ump for a double play in minor league ball.
Mike Piellucci

Blue Jays Grooming Baseball's Newest Biggio

Weeks after Toronto made him a fifth-round pick, Cavan Biggio—son of Hall of Famer Craig—is getting his first taste of pro ball and Canada in Vancouver, the Blue Jays' short-season Class A affiliate.
John Lott

Baseball Minor Leaguers Dealt Significant Setback in Lawsuit Against MLB

Minor Leaguers had hoped a lawsuit against Major League Baseball would help them gain fair wages. But that appears unlikely now after a Thursday court ruling.
Mike Vorkunov
crazy double play

Check Out This Bonkers Double Play from a Minor League Game

This double play has an incredible degree of difficulty.
Sean Newell

Baseball Would Rather Pretend Minor Leaguers Don't Have Real Jobs Than Pay Them A Living Wage

Facing a class action lawsuit that would entitle poorly-paid minor leaguers to overtime wages, MLB is supporting proposed federal legislation that would exempt those players from the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Kevin Trahan
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MLB Doubles Down on Shitty Minor League Wage Position

Major League Baseball: still the worst.
Sean Newell

Congress Proposes Bill to Bar Minor Leaguers from Fair Labor Protections

Minor League Baseball does not want to pay its players a livable wage, so Congress stepped up to the plate.
Sean Newell

Baseball Won't Fix Its PED Problem Until It Fixes the Incentives That Create It

Baseball players have always cheated, from spitballs to steroids. MLB should keep on testing and punishing cheaters, but there's a bigger fix, if they want it.
Jonathan Bernhardt

We Can't Watch Blake Snell Pitch Because Of Greed And A Loophole

On Saturday, one of the best pitching prospects in the minors made his MLB debut. The reasons it happened when and how it did have nothing to do with baseball.
Rian Watt

Mexican Baseball Is Finally Eliminating One of the Worst Unwritten Rules in Sports

For decades, Mexican teams have blacklisted domestic ballplayers who signed their first contracts in the United States instead of in Mexico.
David Mark Simpson

Once A Little League World Series Hero, Sean Burroughs Is Still Dreaming Big

Sean Burroughs won back-to-back Little League World Series, but his big league career was derailed by addiction. At 35, he's still working on himself and his game.
Tim Casey

Wiener Dog Gets Loose in Baseball Stadium, Experiences True Happiness

A tiny little dog got loose in a baseball stadium and had the time of his life for probably the millionth time.
Sean Newell