Minnesota Vikings


Vikings Fan's Car Torched by Tailgater's Grill During Jets Game

A Minnesota fan was on a trip to Boston and decided to take a slight detour to New Jersey to see the Vikings play the Jets. The detour wound up being longer than expected.
Sean Newell

Vikings-Rams Brawl Sees Fan Thrown Down Several Aisles of Seating

One Rams fan took to punching another Rams fan in the face—while defending a woman who was hit. Then got his ass thrown down several aisles.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Do Yourself a Favor and Watch Case Keenum Break Down the Minnesota Miracle

The former Vikings quarterback takes you behind the scenes of one of the most dramatic plays in football.
Sean Newell

Dan Snyder Sends Signed Photo to Fan Who Just Wanted to Keep Kirk Cousins

Washington's owner got a letter from a fan begging him to keep Cousins no matter what, and Snyder apparently didn't want to justify it with a response.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Bills WR Zay Jones Arrested After Bloody and Nude Rampage in Los Angeles

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver was in a scrap with his brother Cayleb Jones of the Minnesota Vikings.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Philadelphia Plunges into Madness as Eagles Make Super Bowl

No poles were climbed, but that did not stop the good people of Philadelphia from going bonkers.
Sean Newell

Sean Payton Taunted Vikings Fans With Skol Clap Right Before Diggs TD

Oh, this is just a delicious bit of hubris from the Saints head coach.
Sean Newell
The Next Wave

We Talked to the 18-Year-Old Gen Z Advisor for the Minnesota Vikings

Jonah Stillman is teaching the Minnesota Vikings how to make football great again (for kids).
Liam Daniel Pierce
uh, sure, whatever

Vikings Introduce New Gen Z Consultant, Which is a Thing, Apparently

As an 18-year-old, I always wanted to play with Wario, too.
Sean Newell
nfl underground

Marcus Mariota Has A Brighter Future Than "La La Land": The NFL Underground Mailbag

Yes, we see the irony. Who are the NFL's newest contenders now that free agency and the draft are behind us? Plus, why 'The F8 of the Furious' is destined to be our generation's 'Casablanca.'
Christopher Harris

News Reporter Doesn't Realize He's Interviewing Adrian Peterson Until He Asks His Name

The reporter just so happened to interview a particularly buff, and well media-groomed gentleman about road rage.
Liam Daniel Pierce
adrian peterson

Vikings Will Let Adrian Peterson Become Free Agent

The Vikings have declined to exercise an $18 million option for the star running back.
Sean Newell