HS Pitcher Strikes Out Friend for Championship Bid, Immediately Consoles Him

The pitcher knew the batter since they were kids. So when he struck him out to advance to the Minnesota state championship, he didn't want to celebrate right away.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Minnesota Player Rebounds and Scores While Sitting on His Ass

Amir Coffey, a Gopher, saw a clearing in a forest of men and shot his shot.
Liam Daniel Pierce
bracket snubs

Which Teams Got Jobbed by the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee?

This was a weird year where not many teams were deserving of getting into the NCAA tournament. Still, there are snubs in the bracket.
Kevin Trahan

Throwback Thursday: College Basketball's Most Brutal Brawl, and the Forgiveness That Followed

A 1972 fight between Ohio State and Minnesota left Luke Witte with lasting damage—but also produced a surprising story of interpersonal healing.
Brian Blickenstaff

Minnesota, Baylor Bowl Wins Are Not "Redemption" Stories

Narratives are bad enough on their own, but they are even worse when used to gloss over the horrible conduct of schools like these two.
Kevin Trahan

All the Ways the Minnesota Football Team's Boycott Statement Is Incorrect

Minnesota's statement and threatened boycott are bad ideas based on faulty premises.
Kevin Trahan

Minnesota Suspends Ten Football Players Before Bowl Game

The suspensions are related to a sexual assault incident from the beginning of the season, and were announced just over two weeks before the Goldon Gophers play the Holiday Bowl.
Sean Newell
boston university

Boston University Hockey Announcer Goes Absolutely Bonkers on Goal Call

This truly is one of the greatest hockey calls you'll ever hear.
Sean Newell
Donald Trump

Jesse Ventura On Trump, Weed, Kaepernick, And Governing Minnesota

Twenty years after he stunned the political world by becoming Minnesota's governor, the iconoclastic former wrestler sounds off on the presidential election, third party politics, and how a tax on legalized gambling could pay for sports stadiums.
Brian Blickenstaff

'The Jesse Ventura Story,' the Perfect Election Movie for Our Times

The Jesse Ventura Story should not be the first place to turn to if you're looking to learn the story of Minnesota's 38th Governor. After some 17 years between viewings, it is even crazier than I remembered.
Tom Keiser
college football

Meet John Gagliardi, The 89-Year-Old Football Coach Who Banned Tackling

John Gagliardi built an unconventional Division III powerhouse at Minnesota's St. John's. Finally, some of his revolutionary ideas seem to be trickling up.
Shawn Fury

Dana White and Matt Serra Are 'Looking for a Fight' in Minnesota Tonight

Legacy 51 has a couple belts on the line and a bunch of hungry fighters out to prove they belong in the big leagues. We preview the event and take our guess as to who Dana might be scouting.
Sascha Matuszak