kitted out

Better Than the Real Thing: We Spoke to an Alternative Soccer Kit Designer

Andy – aka XZTALS – has been attracting attention on social media for his alternative football kit designs. We spoke with him about the creative process and how he sees the future shaping up.
Guille Álvarez
important quizzes

Can You Guess Which of These Sloan Sports Analytics Events Are Real? A Quiz

The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference at MIT is where sports' scientific and statistical elite get together and nerd out. It's also the basis for your challenge here.
David Roth

Stephen A. Smith Points Out NFL's Paid Patriotism Problem

NFL players only started appearing on field for the national anthem in 2009, which puts the whole Colin Kaepernick controversy in a new light.
Patrick Sauer

#NastyNate, the Yankees, and What's Not in a Nickname

In the midst of a dreary and dull season, a failed attempt to create a viral nickname for Nate Eovaldi is the least of the New York Yankees' problems. But it's telling.
Steven Goldman
women's soccer

How To Sell A Soccer Team, Or The Rebirth Of The Boston Breakers

The Boston Breakers are trying to build a winning women's soccer team, and win some fans, as a new addition to a crowded sports marketplace. It's a process.
Kevin Koczwara
non-traditional hockey markets

Can the NHL Copy the Predators' Success in Vegas?

The Predators are thriving in a tourist-centered, traditional hockey market. Can a Las Vegas team do the same?
Joshua Kloke

How the NFL Brands Itself In American Classrooms

The education marketing industry is worth billions and the NFL is using it to get their brand in the brains of children.
Patrick Hruby

Athletes, Fast Food, and the Long Con Killing America

Athletes make the perfect fast food pitch people; they are also the best proof as to why you should not eat fast food.
Jack Ross
chinese basketball association

The Chinese Basketball Association is Fucked Up

Chinese basketball is known for shady officiating and screwing over its imported players.
Alex Wong