New York City Marathon

NYC Marathon Favorite Kellyn Taylor is Also Training to be a Firefighter

Fewer than five percent of firefighters in the U.S. are women. Even fewer than that are elite long distance runners.
Mary Pilon
marathons for the mind

Meet the British Runner Tackling 44 Marathons in 44 Days

Peter Thompson is about to tackle a marathon in every country in Europe over 44 consecutive days. We spoke to him about what inspired this challenge, as well as his plans to run laps of Vatican City.
Jim Weeks

Meb Keflezighi Waits for the Olympic Marathon

American marathoner Meb Keflezighi will start and finish his fourth Olympics on August 21st, the last day of the Rio Games. Until then, he's laying low.
Aimee Berg

New York City's Underground Half Marathon

Since it's unsanctioned and not entirely legal, the Midnight Half can't close streets to traffic and set up a course—but that's part of the fun.
Adam Elder
VICE World of Sports

VICE World of Sports Episode Guide: Jake and Zane

Twins Jake and Zane Robertson from New Zealand have spent the past 10 years in Iten, Kenya, living and training among the best marathon runners in the world.
Liam Daniel Pierce

When Bobbi Gibb Crashed the Boston Marathon and Blazed a Trail For Women

Roberta "Bobbi" Gibb had to sneak onto the Boston Marathon course in 1966, becoming the first woman to run the historic race. "But how can we prove that we can do something if we are not allowed to do it?" she says today.
Monica Prelle

Dope Money: Can Clawing Back Prizes And Sponsorships Curb PED Use?

The recent rash of doping scandals in the running world may lead organizations to take more proactive antidoping measures and protect themselves (and their wallets) from the fallout.
Mary Pilon
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Running to Narnia: The Quest for the Two-Hour Marathon

It won't happen in New York City this weekend, but in a new book Ed Caesar argues that a sub-two-hour marathon will eventually be reality.
Stephen Kurczy

Running to the New York Marathon from Chicago

Alex Ramsey and Patrick Sweeney started running at the Chicago Marathon on October 11, and they aren't really stopping until the finish line of the New York Marathon.
Mary Pilon

Inside the Great Wall of China Marathon

Runners from 63 countries came to China in May to run a marathon in an unlikely location.
Patrick Sauer