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Jared Goff Uses "Halle Berry" Audible and She Called Him Out on Twitter

Goff was heard using the Academy Award winner's name during the Rams game against the Seahawks and the 'Monster's Ball' star wants to know what's up.
Sean Newell

Vikings-Rams Brawl Sees Fan Thrown Down Several Aisles of Seating

One Rams fan took to punching another Rams fan in the face—while defending a woman who was hit. Then got his ass thrown down several aisles.
Liam Daniel Pierce

A Rogue Skunk is Running Wild Through Raiders Facilities

A skunk got loose in the Oakland Coliseum at the end of 'Monday Night Football' earlier this week and, like the Raiders' performance, it was stanky.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Ric Flair and President Obama Star in LA Rams Audibles

Woo! These Los Angeles Rams audibles are fun.
Liam Daniel Pierce
As a Board

Two More Athletes Join Kyrie Irving in Wacko Flat Earth Talk

In case we needed any more proof that nonsense is contagious, Jaylen Brown and Sammy Watkins are subscribing to Kyrie Irving's newsletter.
Liam Daniel Pierce

NFL Uses Video of Jeff Fisher Announcing His Firing to Promote New Show

All or Nothing, a show that followed the St. Louis Rams last year that's set to debut tomorrow, was filming when Jeff Fisher told his staff he'd been fired.
Sean Newell
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Rams, USC to Play in 'Sorry We Beat the Crap Outta That Guy' Memorial Coliseum

United Airlines will pay over of $70 million for the naming rights to the L.A. Coliseum over a 15-year deal.
Sean Newell

NFL's Los Angeles Stadium Opening Delayed to 2020

Heavy rains pushed back construction for the Rams and Chargers new $2.6 billion stadium.
Sean Newell

Did Todd Gurley Get Worse, or Is It Just the Rams? The NFL Underground Mailbag

It's mighty tough to know whether a very good running back is having bad results because he's bad or because his team is shit.
Christopher Harris

LA Kings Twitter Account Went Pretty Far Out of Their Way to Dis The City of St. Louis

Like a bucket full of Morton's salt to St. Louis' gaping NFL wound.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Raiders Inch Closer to Las Vegas, Who Knows What's Going on With the Chargers

The NFL's Stadium Committee and Finance Committee both met today to (mostly) discuss the Raiders potential move to Las Vegas.
Sean Newell
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FOX Affiliate in St. Louis Roasts the Rams Following Jeff Fisher's Firing

FOX 2 referred to Rams COO Kevin Demoff as a "professional liar."
Joseph Flynn