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Lawsuit: Titans WR Beat Me Up Because Tennessee Drafted Another WR

A man suggested Tajae Sharpe was going to lose playing time to the Titans new draft pick, so Sharpe allegedly knocked him unconscious.
Sean Newell
rio de janeiro

After Getting Booted from Olympics for Partying, Dutch Gymnast's Court Appeal Denied

Gymnast Yuri van Gelder was kicked off the Dutch Olympic team for partying. He sued. His appeal was denied.
Leander Schaerlaeckens

MLS Players Union Executive Director Calls Lawsuit Against Dempsey, Yedlin, Bradley "A Shakedown For Money"

MLSPU Executive Director Bob Foose believes that applying FIFA mandated solidarity payments to U.S. clubs could have a "horrible" affect on youth soccer development in the U.S.
Jorge Arangure Jr.

Youth Clubs File Class Action Lawsuit vs. MLS Players Union and Dempsey, Yedlin and Bradley

A dramatic restructuring of the U.S. youth soccer system may occur as a result of a lawsuit that was filed in federal court on Friday.
Jorge Arangure Jr.

Baseball Players Sue Al Jazeera, Peyton Manning Also Seriously Considering Lawsuit

Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman filed defamation lawsuits against Al Jazeera after the news agency linked them to performance enhancing drugs. Peyton Manning is also considering a lawsuit.
Teri Thompson and Luke Cyphers

Baseball Players May Soon Sue Al Jazeera. Will Peyton Manning Join Them?

Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Howard may file a defamation lawsuit against Al Jazeera regarding their PED documentary as soon as next week. Peyton Manning will need to decide if he wants to do the same.
Teri Thompson and Luke Cyphers

Inside the Process of Recruiting an Alleged Rapist

Damyean Dotson got booted from the University of Oregon after being accused of rape. Here's how he ended up on the University of Houston's basketball team.
Kevin Trahan
Jameis Winston

The Jameis Winston Rape Lawsuit Has Some Damaging New Information

The lawsuit filed by Erica Kinsman, Jameis Winston's accuser, contains two new bits of information that could prove damaging to Winston in court.
Jessica Luther

The $600,000 College Football Lawsuit Over 'Who Calls the Plays'

Texas and Oklahama State are battling it out in court with $600,000 at stake. This is just another absurd display of college football's glaring contradictions.
Jack Moore

The Gender Discrimination Lawsuit That Could Change College Sports Forever

Members of Iowa's women's field hockey team have brought forth a Title IX suit that could send a shockwave through the NCAA.
Kevin Trahan

What's Next for the NFL Concussion Settlement?

The federal judge presiding over the case has sent the settlement back for changes. Here's what you need to know about what comes next.
Patrick Hruby

Kyle Turley on Life in the NFL (Trailer)

More than 1,000 former NFL players are addicted to painkillers, many without health insurance or any semblance of a support system.
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