march madness

Meet the 13-Year-Old Basketball Writer Everyone Was Talking About This Weekend

Sports Illustrated Kids writer Max Bonnstetter drew national attention at the NCAA tournament this weekend after he was praised for one question by a coach, and criticized for another by a newspaper reporter.
Tim Casey
very important writing

The Four Most Inspiring Opening Paragraphs In Sportswriting, 2016

In a difficult year, sportswriting showed us truth and beauty. These 100 percent real paragraphs did it in ways we'll remember long after the calendar turns.
David Roth
Ken Pagan

Beer-Tossing Blue Jays Fan Identified as Local Journalist Ken Pagan

Those who know him described him as a"responsible editor...and as an athlete who loves baseball and 'respects the rules of the game.'”
Sean Newell
Rio 2016

Trying to Experience Rio Outside the Olympic Bubble

Most of the 30,000 journalists covering the Olympics will spend their time in or around the Olympic venues. Our writer Aaron Gordon is trying to experience the real Rio.
Aaron Gordon
real victims

Clay Travis: the Real Victim of Online Harassment

It's always personal, even when it can't possibly be about you.
Sean Newell
adam schefter

"This Was His Version of the Events:" Adam Schefter Defends His Greg Hardy Interview

Adam Schefter digs a deeper hole.
Sean Newell
greg hardy

Adam Schefter’s Greg Hardy Interview Isn’t News, But It’s Still Dangerous

ESPN loves creating news and working the news cycle. They did it again with Adam Schefter's Greg Hardy interview.
Sean Newell
good fans

Italian Reporter Has Enough of Dude Brandishing Banana in His Face, Beats Him With It

Sometimes a banana on the dome is too much to bear.
Sean Newell
edinson volquez

FOX Had No Reason to Report on Edinson Volquez's Father Last Night

There is no reason FOX should have reported on Edinson Volquez's father last night, and one very good reason why they didn't.
Sean Newell
differences of opinion

Scouting Reports On Emmanuel Mudiay From A Professional NBA Scout And A Surly Teen

NBA scouts agree that Emmanuel Mudiay is one of the most promising players in a great NBA draft class. But do bored teenagers agree? We asked both for their opinion.
Jordan White

So You Want to Contribute to VICE Sports, Huh?

Here's how you can contribute to VICE Sports: Don't send horrible pitches.
VICE Sports

10 Questions I Would Ask Sunderland Manager Dick Advocaat

It's about ethics in nomenclature journalism.
Aaron Gordon