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Biscuits Hockey Podcast Episode 21: TORTS REFORM

Special guest Jesse Spector stops by to talk about his history of John Tortorella fights, how baseball would handle expansion compared to hockey, and who is getting the final playoff spots in the East.​
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john tortorella

John Tortorella Missing All-Star Game Because of his Sick Dog

He was forced to sit out last night's game due to a quirky All-Star game-related rule.
Sean Newell

How Do This Year's Blue Jackets Hold Up Against the 1992-93 Penguins?

A tale of two win streaks: one 16 games, one 17 games. One featuring shootouts and the other ending in a tie.
Dave Lozo

​The Columbus Blue Jackets' Win Streak is Enough to Give You Whiplash

The Blue Jackets' win streak is probably not indicative of the team's overall talent. But that's OK.
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USA Hockey Is on Life Support

And after its World Cup game against Canada on Tuesday night, it will be time to pull the plug.
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Down Goes Brown's Grab Bag: The (Mostly) Good World Cup Overtime Rules, and John Tortorella Outrage

Plus more on Paul Coffey—arguably the most one-dimensional scoring blueliner of all time—and why the World Cup is worth it, despite the inevitable injuries that will occur.
Sean McIndoe

Under the Bucket: Old Man Jagr Is Ruling the NHL

Deaner doesn't think Tortorella will last, and believes a little bonus should be added to 'rivalry' games. He also hopes Jagr wins the scoring title.
Dean Murdoch
john tortorella

Prank Callers Flood John Tortorella Press Conference

A bunch of pranksters got through to a teleconference with John Tortorella and asked a bunch of nonsensical questions about dolphins and stuff.
Sean Newell