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7-Year-Old Cowboys Fan Writes Scathing Letter to Jerry Jones: "WE SUCK"

The latest L delivered to Dallas owner Jerry Jones comes in handwritten-note form from someone who hasn't even made it out of the second grade.
Liam Daniel Pierce
NFL Cannibalism

Jerry Jones to Goodell: "Kraft is a Pussy Compared to What I'm Going to Do"

We got a glimpse into the Ezekiel Elliott suspension phone call that was every bit "old man fight" that you thought it would be.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Jerry Jones Hires Former Weinstein Lawyer, Threatens to Sue NFL

The Cowboys owner has upped the stakes in his growing feud with Roger Goodell, and claims he will sue the league if the commissioner's contract is extended.
Sean Newell

Is Jerry Jones Pulling the Strings at Papa John's?

Bust out your tinfoil hats, people.
Liam Daniel Pierce
let's go meet the pope!

The NFL Hall of Fame Visits The Pope, Because Sure Why Not?

Just another day in spreading the corporate football gospel.
Mike Piellucci

The Greatest Play of a Very Dumb Season: Week 17 of Dumb Football with Mike Tunison

The Bills play (especially) dumb football, the Niners finally clean house, and the Bears win the 2018 Super Bowl.
Mike Tunison

A Quick Note on Jerry Jones's Opinion Regarding Head Trauma

We can all learn something from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, but not for the reason he thinks.
Aaron Gordon
jerry jones

Jerry Jones and Cowboys Execs Turn in Worst Version of the Mannequin Challenge

Everything is bigger in Texas, even abject failure.
Dave Brown

Dear Jerry Jones: Please Stop Comparing People You Know to Nelson Mandela

Jerry Jones just compared Jason Witten to Nelson Mandela. Previously, he saw similarities between Madiba and Chris Freaking Christie.
Joseph Flynn
mosquito genitalia

Jerry Jones Not into "Circumcising the Mosquito," Which is OK by Us

The Cowboys will be without Tony Romo for a couple of months, but don't even THINK about circumcising that mosquito.
Joseph Flynn

Ezekiel Elliott Steps into Pot Shop and Sure, Now Jerry Jones Cares About Optics

"It's not good. It's just not good. It's just not good," said Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who historically has had impeccable judgment.
Caitlin Kelly
jerry jones

Jerry Jones Should Have to Retire Before Getting into the Hall of Fame

Why should the players have to wait five years and not this asshole?
Sean Newell