Watch the Women's Baseball World Cup to See a Master at Work

Ayami Sato is the top-ranked woman in the world and she is the ace of a nearly-unhittable Japanese pitching staff.
Rachael McDaniel
World Cup

Polite Soccer Fans Clean Up Trash After World Cup Matches

Fans from Japan, Senegal, and Colombia helped clean up the mess after their respective matches.
Liam Daniel Pierce
World Cup

Ponder the Depths of the Universe with Japan's Frog Mascot at the World Cup

Japan's poet frog mascot is documenting his time in Russia supporting his country at the World Cup. It is out there.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Pyeongchang Olympics

Noriaki Kasai is the World's Oldest Ski Jumper and a Goddamn Legend

Kasai, 45, just competed in his eighth Winter Olympics. In Poland, a rap song has been recorded about his feats, while in Finland, a punk band has dedicated a track to him.
David Cox
international relations

Japan Prime Minister Abe Eats it in Bunker While Golfing With Trump

Shinzo Abe was out on the links with Donald Trump, when he took a spill back into the bunker. Like any logical body would do.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Gabi Garcia Crushes Opponent Half Her Size with Illegal Head Kick, Doing Japanese Fighting Proud

The MMA fan's shameful obsession never disappoints.
Josh Rosenblatt

New Japan Pro Wrestling Finally Comes to America

The cult favorite wrestling promotion finally landed on American shores over the weekend, bringing hard-hitting, high-quality wrestling direct to its U.S. fanbase for the first time.
Evan McGarvey

Try Not to Watch this Hypnotic Video of Kids' Jump Rope WR Forever

These kids have cooked up a batch of perfect perfection.
Liam Daniel Pierce

We Spent a Week in Tokyo's Fight Scene

A good man jobbed, tears in Korakuen Hall, and why being big in Japan can be a big problem for boxers.
Gabe Oppenheim

A 12-Year-Old Will Fight a 24-Year-Old in Japan This Weekend

You may not like the sound of it, but Japan has a long history of youths fighting adults in exhibition matches.
Jake Hughes

14 Million People Watched a Japanese Boxing Champ Fight Four Fans

A gangster, a school teacher, a YouTuber, and a club host all fought ex-world champion Koki Kameda in hope of ¥10million jackpot.
Jake Hughes

The Rizin Recap: Results from Rizin FF 5 - Sakura

There were plenty of mounted crucifixes at Rizin 5, which was fitting for an Easter Sunday morning. Read what went down in Yokohama.
Jake Hughes