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Trash Talk

Inside the Mind of Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey is the NFL's most notorious trash talker, but there's a lot more to him than meets the eye.
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We Spent the Day With the NFL's Most Notorious Trash-Talker

We visited Jacksonville's unapologetically shit-talking CB Jalen Ramsey as he preps for his third NFL season.
Jon Gugala

Stats Back Up Jalen Ramsey's QB Shit Talk

The Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback talked smack—and also had some nice things to say—about QBs in a GQ article. It turns out the numbers agree.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Jacksonville Bakery Sends Ben Roethlisberger 7 Turnovers Just to Rub it In

In two games against the Jaguars this season Big Ben has thrown six interceptions and lost one fumble. That adds up to seven turnovers, and one vicious burn.
Liam Daniel Pierce
NFL playoffs

We Should All Be Rooting for America's Team, the Jacksonville Jaguars

Good vs. evil. Bortles vs. Brady. There's only one team to cheer for in the AFC title game.
Dave Lozo
bills mafia

Bills Twitter Account Claps Back at Jaguars About Stadium Attendance

Don't rub the Bills Mafia the wrong way right now.
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Christmas Joy

Jadeveon Clowney Filled Trash Cans From Jaguars Fans With Toys for Homeless Kids

Jacksonville fans sent the cans to Houston's stadium after Clowney called Jags quarterback Blake Bortles "trash."
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Don't Laugh, the Jaguars Could Go to the Super Bowl

Sure, Jacksonville has Blake Bortles at QB, but they also have a shutdown defense.
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Jaguars Draft Pick Dede Westbrook Was Allegedly Kicked Out of a Combine Interview, Called a "Degenerate" by Scout

The Jacksonville Jaguars picked up Westbrook today in the No. 110 overall pick in the fourth round today.​
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Jacksonville Jaguars

​The Jaguars Are Gambling on Staying the Same, for Some Reason

The Jags have stability going for them, and not much else.
Rivers McCown
indianapolis colts

Two Years After AFC Title Game, What Are the Colts?

Can we really consider the Colts contenders anymore?
Rivers McCown

Jaguars Fire Head Coach Gus Bradley After Racking Up Second-Worst Win Percentage in NFL History

Bradley's proven again and again that he's can't even build a winning defense, let alone a winning team.
Ty Schalter