Vince McMahon: Pro Wrestling's Master of Storytelling

Mastermind, psychopath, megalomaniac, genius, dictator. Vince McMahon is the most infamous member of the McMahon family and the storyteller behind the WWE phenomenon.
L.A. Jennings
kelsie whitmore

It's Virtually Impossible to Know What Kind of History Kelsie Whitmore Made

Kelsie Whitmore probably did not make history on Wednesday when she got a single in a Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs game.
Sean Newell

How Radio Changed Baseball Fandom Forever

From Vin Scully to MLB At Bat, the rise of commercial radio continues to influence the way fans experience baseball today.
Mabel Rosenheck

Talking With Stephen Hopkins, Director Of "Race"

A conversation with the director of the new film "Race" on Jesse Owens' iconic run at the 1936 Olympics, bringing history to life, and sports as psychology lesson.
Pete Croatto

Joe Fulks, the Jump Shot Innovator One Man Murdered and the Rest Forgot

Joe Fulks is a member of the group of basketball players who pioneered the jump shot, but his life story puts him in a category of his own: he's the only Hall of Fame player—in Springfield, Canton, or Cooperstown—to have been murdered.
Patrick Sauer
Pro Wrestling

The Hard Times Companion: A Guide to the Best Streamable NWA Episodes

WWE has put some classic shows from NWA's Reagan-era peak on the internet, and they are awesome. Here are ten goofy, great, Ric Flair-injected, must-watches.
Ian Williams

Are Football Players Really Modern-Day Gladiators?

Comparisons between American football and Roman gladiator games are common. Do historians think they're apt?
Andrew Heisel

The Cooperstown Case for David Ortiz and Designated Hitters

The Baseball Hall Of Fame is a fun place to visit, but pretty backwards in some important ways where history is concerned. David Ortiz could be a victim of that.
Steven Goldman

Fishing for Humans Off Newport

No stranger, less seminal moment more perfectly combined Newport's penchants for spectacle, sport, and self-indulgence than the Oelrichs brothers' bet in the summer of 1896..
B. David Zarley
extreme shirtlessness

A Day at Turkey's 653-Year-Old Oil-Wrestling Tournament

For 653 years, people in the Turkish city of Edirne have taken the week off to watch oiled-up men wrestle each other. History lessons don't come any greasier.
Asher Kohn
the past is present

WWE, The Prison Of History, And The Problem With Being Bigger Than Life

In professional wrestling, the past is more present than in other sports. This is good, but when it's handled as it was at "Battleground," it feels like a trap.
Ian Williams

Ten Years Later, Venus Williams and Lindsay Davenport Recall their Epic Wimbledon Final

Williams and Davenport's spectacular, near-three hour match still overshadows all the Wimbledon finals that have come since on the women's side.
David Cox