Check Out This Crazy Shammgod-Turned-Nutmeg

Dusan Domovic Bulut showed off some moves at FIBA's 3x3 Nanjing Challenger. This one's so pretty, it deserves its own name. The NutGod.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Putin Calls Therapeutic Use Exemptions "One of the Most Serious Issues" in Doping

What a coincidence: a hacking group widely believed to be linked to the Russian government just so happened to recently leak many TUEs. Huh.
Aaron Gordon

FIFA Lifts Messi's Four-Match Ban for Insulting a Referee

Messi would have missed three other qualifiers, and would have only returned for their final qualifier against Ecuador in October.
Liam Daniel Pierce
bad sports metaphors

Sean Spicer Also Sucks at Sports Metaphors

"You play a game four quarters, you play an election until Election Day."
Caitlin Kelly
Sneaker Head

Lonzo Ball Drops $495 Shoe, Which Is Apparently The Point

Beneath the bullshit, there seems to be an actual strategy here.
Mike Piellucci
spiking the ball in your own face

Reince Priebus Sucks At Sports Metaphors

That's a touchback, bud.
Aaron Gordon
curt schilling

Failed Video Game Entrepreneur Curt Schilling Thinks Adam Jones is "Creating a Situation"

Curt Schilling used the platform of his janky internet talk show to say some typical Curt Schilling stuff.
Sean Newell

It's Not (Entirely) Dwight Howard's Fault That No One Wants to Trade For Him

Dwight Howard was once a unicorn, but now he's just a regular, aging, big man.
John Hugar
Tony Parker

The Spurs Can't Overcome Tony Parker's Knee Injury

After taking an MRI, the Spurs fear Tony Parker will have to undergo season-ending surgery on his left knee.
Michael Pina
Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs Are Affording the Raptors Absolutely No Respect and It's Kind of Stressing Me Out

LeBron James and the Cavs are absolutely clowning the Raptors.
Corbin Smith
The Big Questions

Here's Joe Namath Talking About North Korea With Karl Rove On Fox News

Finally, an answer to the question everyone is asking: what does Broadway Joe think about Donald Trump's foreign policy?
David Roth
mike scott

Mike Scott Cleared Of Drug Charges After Judge Cites Possible Racial Profiling

The former Atlanta Hawks forward may be back in the NBA soon.
Mike Piellucci