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Title IX

Betsy DeVos Ignores Title IX’s 45th Anniversary

VICE Sports inquired with the Department of Education about what celebrations Betsy DeVos and the department might be planning for the anniversary. They provided no information.
Caitlin Kelly

Finally, The Olympics Will Let Women Swim 1,500 Meters

For its entire history, the Olympics has treated men and women swimmers differently. The IOC took a big step to fix that today.
Aaron Gordon

Kelli Masters Is an Agent for Change

The NFL has made it a priority to actively recruit and promote women in the front office and football operations. Other areas of the Sports Industrial Complex, like agencies, still lag behind. Kelli Masters wants to change that.
Anya Alvarez

Throwback Thursday: How a French Feminist Staged Her Own Games and Forced the Olympics to Include Women

When the IOC wouldn't allow women to fully compete at the Olympics, French feminist Alice Milliat staged the now-forgotten Women's World Games, ultimately winning a major victory for female athletes.
Brian Blickenstaff

Farewell To Chyna, A Gender Equality Icon In Sports

There has never been anyone like Chyna, before or since her time in professional wrestling.
Mike Piellucci

Iran's Stadium Ban on Women Puts the FIVB in a Precarious Position

The International Volleyball Federation must either sanction one of the best volleyball teams in the world for a political and human rights issue, or continue to allow the status quo in Iran. Recent events suggest the FIVB has made its choice.
Aaron Gordon
global goals

Stadiums Are Still Closed to Women in Iran

In April, Iran announced that it would allow women to enter sports stadiums, reversing a ban in place since 1979. But women are still being barred from games, and there is still work to be done.
Shireen Ahmed

Congresswoman Speier's Gender Equality Summit: Title IX For Pro Sports?

After a tepid response from FIFA, Congresswoman Jackie Speier hopes to enact change on her own.
Meg Linehan
soccer equality

What England Can Learn From the U.S.'s World Cup Win

England can learn more from the US other than how to make friendly conversation with strangers or openly express sentimentality. They can learn how to have a proper women's national soccer team.
Emilia Bona