Red Cards Presented by Ryot

Inside the Gambling Scandal that Rocked the NBA

In the second episode of RED CARDS, we take a deep dive inside former referee Tim Donaghy's participation in a gambling scheme that earned him thousands of dollars, and 15 months in prison.
VICE Sports Staff

Swaggy P No-Showed Shooting Bet, So Gilbert Arenas Hit 95/100 3s Anyway

Arenas rolled up with a sack full of $100,000 in cash and proceeded to shoot the lights out.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Here's What You Need to Know about Legalized Sports Betting

Some states, like New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania could have legalized gambling as early as the football season.
Steve Silver
VWOS Season One

Behind the Big Business of Football Gambling: VWOS

Amidst scandals, legislative battles and the new frontier of daily fantasy, the biggest debate in the world of sports today is gambling. Is it legal?
VICE Sports

Handicapping the Supreme Court Votes on Sports Betting Case

The Supreme Court has decided to hear New Jersey's cases for legalized sports betting. Here's how we think the Justices will wind up ruling.
Steve Silver
Throwback Thursday

That Time Michael Jordan Allegedly Ran Up a Million-Dollar Golf Debt

Just before the 1993 NBA Finals, one of Jordan's golf buddies published "Michael & Me: Our Gambling Addiction...My Cry For Help!" The book is forgotten, but its lesson is not.
David Roth
Soccer and Betting

English Soccer Has A Gambling Problem – Is It Time To Seek Help?

The betting industry is now "at the beating heart of the beautiful game," but a raft of recent incidents have raised serious questions about the relationship between football and gambling.
Alex Hess
sports gambling

Trump Admin Invites New Jersey to Allow Citizens to Gamble Freely

The Solicitor General urged the Supreme Court to reject New Jersey's sports gambling case, and left open the door for a gambling free-for-all.
Steve Silver

Korean Police Reportedly Investigating UFC Event Amid Fight-Fixing Allegations

The UFC’s first trip to South Korea has since turned sour with local authorities now looking into suspicions of fight fixing arising from the 2015 event.
Jake Hughes
march madness

One Blurred, Shining Moment: Watching March Madness From A Sports Bar

The first few days of the NCAA Tournament are overwhelming and pretty much non-stop. It's a lot to take, but that's the fun of it.
David Roth
the bookmakers' war

A Safe Bet: How Bookmakers Are Waging War on Persistent Winners

Bookmakers are excluding persistent winners as "liabilities". It's perfectly legal, if not entirely fair. But these high-stakes gamblers still find ways to bet – and now the liabilities are starting to fight back.
Ben Halls

Large Adult Pie-Eating FA Cup Meme Resigns from Club Amidst Pie-Eating Betting Scandal

Wayne Shaw is out at Sutton United after admitting he knew about his pie-eating odds.
Joseph Flynn