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The Shooting Death of Will Smith

Episode 3 of RED CARDS unpacks the shooting of former Saints defensive end Will Smith. The investigation takes us to New Orleans, a vibrant city with a historically controversial legal system.
VICE Sports Staff
domestic violence

Kareem Hunt and a Sports World that Ignores Domestic Violence Victims

Sports culture still does not see the female victims of star male athletes as valuable—and it shows.
Britni De La Cretaz

There Goes the Super Bowl for the Saints

After their 13-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys last night, home field advantage throughout the playoffs is looking bleak, and with it: a trip to the Super Bowl.
Liam Daniel Pierce

HS Football Championship Game Ends in Absolute Madness

The ending of the WCAC championship game between Gonzaga College and DeMatha Catholic saw several long bombs, a 75-yard kickoff return return, and a 60-yard Hail Mary. Insanity.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Raiders Cancel Practice Over Air Quality Due to California Wildfires

Oakland coach Jon Gruden held a team meeting about the Camp Fire, telling players to keep perspective on the tragedy.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Steelers Ransack Le'Veon Bell's Locker After Exit from Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh running back's holdout will last the entire season, marking the end of his Steelers tenure. So his former teammates took all the shit he left behind.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Le'Veon Bell Holds Out for Entire NFL Season, Forfeits $14.5 Million Salary

The Pittsburgh Steelers star running back didn't report to the team by Tuesday's 4 PM deadline, setting him up for a likely big payday in the offseason.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Jared Goff Uses "Halle Berry" Audible and She Called Him Out on Twitter

Goff was heard using the Academy Award winner's name during the Rams game against the Seahawks and the 'Monster's Ball' star wants to know what's up.
Sean Newell
bug diet

Eating Caterpillars for Protein with a Pro Football Player

Jabar Westerman of the Montreal Alouettes used to be a vegan, but he found it difficult to get all of the protein that he needed in one meal. So instead of turning to traditional meat or chicken, he began eating caterpillars.
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Maryland Football Players Not Happy D.J. Durkin Reinstated

Several players had strong reactions to Maryland's decision to reinstate head coach D.J. Durkin after player Jordan McNair's death.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Trash Talk

Inside the Mind of Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey is the NFL's most notorious trash talker, but there's a lot more to him than meets the eye.
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JuJu Smith-Schuster Tried to Win Mega Millions to Keep Le'Veon Bell

The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver was seen buying over $100 worth of Mega Millions tickets so he could use (part of?) the $1.5 billion jackpot to pay Bell.
Liam Daniel Pierce