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The Many Tragedies Of O.J. Simpson: A Conversation With "O.J.: Made In America" Director Ezra Edelman

O.J. Simpson's story is very well known. In the sprawling, seven-and-a-half hour ESPN documentary "O.J.: Made In America" Ezra Edelman aims to put it all in context.
Alex Wong
space jam

A Look Back At The Only Honest Moment In "Space Jam"

Even the most ardent nostalgist knows that "Space Jam" is a frantic, mostly shitty commercial for an imaginary version of Michael Jordan. But one scene rings true.
Corbin Smith

Watching "Everybody Wants Some!!" and "Bad News Bears," Richard Linklater's Baseball Movies

Richard Linklater's latest, "Everybody Wants Some!!" is a baseball movie with almost no baseball in it. It's great, and so nothing like his other baseball effort.
Tom Keiser

A 420 Collection of the Greatest Fight Scenes From Stoner Movies

To celebrate 420, we took a look at some of the best and most iconic fight scenes in classic stoner films with this half-baked listicle.
Sarah Kurchak

"The Bronze" Is A Funny, Mean Movie About Gymnastics, And No One Saw It

There would be a narrow market for even the sappiest movie about a faded Olympics gymnast. "The Bronze" isn't that movie. It's weird, mean, dark—and pretty funny.
Tom Keiser
interesting lives

The Wild Ride Of Slice Rohrssen, College Basketball's Great Persuader

Barry "Slice" Rohrssen has acted in movies and managed hot NYC nightclubs, but hoops has always been his heart. Now he's the best recruiter in college basketball.
Matthew Giles

The Thrill Of Defeat, Or An Evening At "Eddie The Eagle"

The new film about Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, legendarily shitty ski-jumper and comic hero of the 1988 Winter Olympics, is not a hit. But it is surprisingly fun.
Tom Keiser

Roberto Duran Biopic Sets Release Date

“Hands of Stone," starring Robert De Niro and Edgar Ramirez, is set for release on August 26th.
Nick Wong

Re-Watching "Over The Top" Ahead Of Stallone's Oscar Moment

Sylvester Stallone is nominated for an Academy Award for his (very good!) performance in "Creed." Naturally, we went back to watch his bad 1987 arm-wrestling movie.
Tom Keiser

Talking With Stephen Hopkins, Director Of "Race"

A conversation with the director of the new film "Race" on Jesse Owens' iconic run at the 1936 Olympics, bringing history to life, and sports as psychology lesson.
Pete Croatto
hollywood tragedies

"The New Jersey Turnpikes," the ABA Mockumentary Universal Studios Buried Forever

How did a major studio basketball comedy starring Kelsey Grammer and a young Jason Segel disappear completely? Studio politics is some of it. The rest is just weird.
Mike Sullivan

Re-watching "Any Given Sunday," The Sloppy, Overstated Epic The NFL Deserves

Oliver Stone, our most psychotic auteur, is absolutely the filmmaker the NFL deserves. "Any Given Sunday," his 1999 football opus, is a mess, but an enduring one.
Tom Keiser