Marathoner Runs 19 Miles with Lost Puppy, Adopts Him After Race

Khemjira Klongsanun was running a marathon in Thailand when she came across a lost puppy in the road. She couldn't help herself, and so she brought it along.
Liam Daniel Pierce

MLB Pitcher Helps Rescue Puppies Stuck in Houston Storm Drain

Oakland A's pitcher Daniel Mengden, a Houston native, was on his way home when he saw a bunch of people trying to rescue puppies stuck in a storm drain. So he decided to jump in.
Liam Daniel Pierce
good dogs

Meet Spitfire the Flying Dog

Spitfire is a five-year-old whippet with at least five world records. And he just seems to keep getting better.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Air Bud

Watch Saints RB Mark Ingram Get Absolutely Wrecked by Military Attack Dog

Mark Ingram went to an Italian air base and got destroyed by a security dog that tackled him. Tackled him good.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Puck Dog

A Very Good Puck Drop from a Very Good Dog

This fluffy buddy Lake nailed the puck drop. And is clearly a very good boy.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Your Yorkie Was a Killing Machine

Many of the pups we now think of as purebreds and watch in the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving actually owe their existence to Victorian England's taste for blood sport.
B. David Zarley

Let This Exercising Golden Retriever Help You Understand Sports

Dogs can't do crunches. Dogs don't need to do crunches. This dog is kind of trying to do crunches.
David Roth

Good, Nay, Best Boy Plays On-Ice Fetch With Hockey Puck

Who's a good boy? Sorry, nay. Who is the best boy? It's certainly you, you triumphant hockey-loving golden retriever.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Good Dogs Fetch Tennis Balls at the Brazil Open

The Brazil Open used shelter dogs and Ball boys and girls. They were very good dogs. Sort of.
Patrick Sauer
john tortorella

John Tortorella Missing All-Star Game Because of his Sick Dog

He was forced to sit out last night's game due to a quirky All-Star game-related rule.
Sean Newell
resplendent sea lions

In Fond Memory of the Greatest Sports Vines

Tuesday marks the end of Vine, a looping video app that was one of the best things about the internet. Sports, and everything else, will be poorer for the loss.
David Roth

Let This Dog Teach You How To Execute A Proper Football Tackle

Dogs are our friends, faithful companions, and playmates. They also have something to teach us about how to tackle the Heads Up way.
David Roth